If this would have gotten posted in February it would have looked significantly different.  The year 2020 has been a roller coaster to say the least and what would have been the commercial landscape trends have changed over the last couple of months.  Our personal lives look a lot different and so do our professional lives.  

corona-4930541_1920COVID-19 has changed everything.  The virus that has swept the world has had an immense impact on the commercial landscaping industry.  Every process and operating procedure has been rewritten in order to take the proper safety precautions. 

In the state of Ohio landscape maintenance has been deemed an essential business.  When the stay-at-home order was first initiated, the landscape maintenance industry was in limbo not knowing whether or not their services were essential and if they should continue working.  It is easy to see that grounds maintenance activities are not as essential as hospitals or grocery stores which help keep people alive, but landscape maintenance services are an important part of public safety.  Overgrown grass creates an environment for dangerous ticks and insects to thrive.  Most landscape work can be done in small teams outdoors at a safe enough distance apart creating a lower risk of spreading COVID-19. 

Prior to this pandemic we would wash our trucks and mowers once or twice a week at most.  Now every truck is equipped with a sanitation kit and is getting washed and sanitized daily.  Mowers and equipment are getting wiped down and bottles of hand sanitizer can be found everywhere. Our startFacemask times are staggered and we are limiting the number of people riding in trucks paying employees mileage to drive their own vehicle to each job site.  Masks are now a part of our everyday lives and we practice proper safe distancing at all meetings.

Stay-at-home orders have also renewed everyone's passion in their landscape.  Makes sense, being stuck at home staring out the window thinking about how to improve their landscape have increased requests for landscape services.  Demand for plants and landscape material at garden centers have Gone through the roof. 

Despite all the added work and cost that are incurred in order to operate as a safe commercial landscaping business during these unprecedented times, we are happy to do so.  We are proud of the fact that the work we do makes a difference in peoples lives.  If you could use some help on your commercial property please feel free to: