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A commercial facility exterior that is unkempt or a property that lacks any landscape design or maintenance can send warning messages to tenants and visitors that say, “Stay away.” As a property manager, you certainly don’t want that. You need to hire a company you can count on. 

At Turfscape, we excel at serving property and facility managers with different types of sites that each have their own specific sets of challenges and needs.


Industrial Properties

Managing and maintaining the commercial grounds on an industrial property can be a daunting experience for any facility manager. Professional commercial maintenance can help you keep your business moving while ensuring your property looks attractive and professional.

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Corporate Offices & Campuses

Employees need a conducive office space to develop new ideas and bring their A-game to assessments and brainstorming sessions. That’s where office building landscaping can make a difference, giving employees and managers opportunities to step out for fresh air and clear their heads to maximize productivity.

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Healthcare & Hospitals

Few properties feature as diverse a mix of people as a medical site. People are coming and going 24 hours a day – from employees and staff to patients and their families, as well as emergency personnel. They rely on you to keep your healthcare facility landscaping safe, clean, and welcoming.

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Universities & Education

Once students and their parents sort out other factors that matter in their educational decisions, what resonates most is that feeling they get stepping onto a campus or school environment. They seek a welcoming and engaging space that well-maintained landscaping can deliver.

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Condos & HOAs

If your condo or HOA looks run down or shabby, potential tenants likely won’t think that much of your multi-family establishment. But if it’s attractive and your landscaping is healthy and tidy, customers will think it’s a good place, elevating your tenant recruitment and retention efforts.

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Shopping Centers

First impressions matter. When potential customers drive through your retail facility, you want them to notice your property for all the right reasons. You want your landscape design and maintenance to draw them in so they feel comfortable in your environment and inspired to linger and shop a little longer.

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