Using your internal resources for your commercial landscaping maintenance might be something you’ve been doing for awhile. 

You may have been doing this for quite some time, in fact. 

But you might be wondering whether it would be better to outsource these tasks, and you wouldn’t be alone. A lot of commercial businesses find that outsourcing these tasks makes a lot of sense for them. 

After all, when you look out at your commercial landscape, you want to see a tidy lawn, colorful blooms, and majestic trees. You don’t want to see weeds, unkempt plants, hassles, headaches, repair costs, and dollar signs.

There are actually quite a few reasons Northeast Ohio businesses bring in outside help to take care of their commercial landscape maintenance services. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of outsourcing commercial grounds management so you can better understand your options. 

6 Pros of Outsourcing Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

You might be a property manager of an office park, an educational facility, an industrial space, a a retail center, or even a homeowners’ association. And, no matter what property type you manage, your goals are the same: keep your facility looking good, draw business in, and do it all in a way that fits into your budget and doesn’t stretch your already limited resources. 

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Outsourcing commercial lawn maintenance can be a solution that does all this and more for you. 

Check out these many benefits of outsourcing your grounds maintenance. 

1. Outsourcing Elevates Efficiency 

One of the best reasons to outsource commercial landscaping maintenance is to have a business focused on your overall goals to help you continuously meet your needs and elevate your property’s appearance. 

Commercial landscape professionals have experts on their teams with experience in various grounds maintenance areas – from dormant pruning to seasonal color to snow removal to hardscape installation. This ensures necessary tasks and any issues are taken care of quickly and correctly, using the latest technologies, as well as the most recent safety practices. This is specialized knowledge that trained team members focus on every day. This is what makes an outsourced team better than your already overextended internal team members. 

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Crew Pruning Tree
And if you need last minute help – maybe for a special event on your site – you can rely on this outsourced team to supply additional resources to get things looking professional and polished just in time. 

2. Outsourcing Prioritizes Your Landscape Aesthetics

When you have an outsourced crew dedicated to taking care of your commercial lawn maintenance, you get a consistent appearance. 

This is because a professional business trains their crews on best practices, so things like mowing and pruning are done right every time. They have a focus on your preferences and this ensures topnotch work every time with a focus on how you want things done. 

Your in-house crew has a lot of responsibilities, so they may neglect outdoor tasks at times when their other duties are taking up most of their time. This can leave your property looking less than ideal. 

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3. Outsourcing Saves Money

Initially, you may not think that outsourcing commercial lawn maintenance could save you money. But it really can. 

Think about all of the things you need to run a successful indoor grounds management crew. Employees, for instance, cost more than their pay. You also have to cover insurance, benefits, and workers’ compensation, as well as manage their job performance and growth. 

Next is the cost of equipment. This includes owning, fueling, repairing, and storing mowers, blowers, trimmers, snowplows, and other machines. You also have to trust your in-house crew to choose the best equipment and maintain it each week or else you can suffer poor results. 

4. Outsourcing Increases Your Property Appearance

 Sure, you want to save money, but you also want ideal results. 

Using a dedicated and professional commercial landscaping maintenance company can elevate your curb appeal. This is important because it helps you create an environment that draws in more guests, visitors, tenants, and buyers, boosting business. 

Having a trusted landscape partner with broad capabilities and experience can help free up your internal resources without sacrificing your property’s upkeep. The right landscape contractor will also take as much pride in your property as you do because their company name and reputation is also on the line. 

Landscape grounds management pros are also motivated to do a great job because they want to keep your business. 

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5. Outsourcing Saves Time and Reduces Stress

 Your job as a property manager is busy. Your goal is to get commercial lawn maintenance tasks completed without sacrificing other important priorities. You certainly don’t want liability issues or tenant complaints to accelerate. 

By hiring a company you trust for your commercial grounds management, you can save yourself additional stress. When you hire the right landscape partner, you won’t have to micromanage them or worry whether they are taking care of issues. 

6. Outsourcing Helps You Build a Great Partnership 

When you make the decision to outsource commercial landscaping maintenance, you want to work with someone who will take the time to understand your needs and build a relationship with you. This ensures  they know your preferences and understand your goals. This can lead to elevated property aesthetics and completed goals. 

A landscape vendor that wants to build this kind of relationship with you can also help you transition seamlessly to an outsourced team, including selling equipment or transitioning employees to relieve any added stress for you. 


Outsource Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Northeast Ohio 

We know you have many, many options when you are deciding to outsource commercial landscaping maintenance in Northeast Ohio. 

You’re seeking a company that will meet your budget and keep your property looking attractive. You don’t want a company you have to micromanage. 

We get it.  You want attentive, detailed, professional service. 

We hope these benefits help you better understand what outsourcing commercial grounds management can do for you. 

If you still find you have questions, give Turfscape a call. We are happy to make time to visit your property and share what we can do to help you improve your facility so it can look its best and your business can thrive. 


Want to learn more about outsourcing commercial landscaping maintenance in Northeast Ohio? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. 

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