As a facility manager of a condominium or homeowners’ association (HOA), you have more than your fair share of concerns.

From traffic by homeowners in and out of your facility daily as they travel to school and work and back to managing common areas and handling homeowner’s individual questions and requests to ensuring property amenities are well-maintained and accessible, it can be easy for your condominium landscaping in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio to become overwhelming. 

But a top-notch, attractive HOA or condominium is important if you want to continue to attract new homeowners to your site, as well as retain the ones you have, keeping complaints to a minimum.  

For the Huntsford Farms, finding a commercial landscape professional that can offer an on-site crew to keep tabs on every facet of landscape management, as well as prioritize communication to keep priorities and needs clear was crucial to develoipng a smooth and mutually-beneficial relationship.

Landscaping For Condos Challenges & Solutions

Landscape maintenance for an HOA requires high standards for quality work since this service crew is an extension of your property management team. 

When it comes to landscaping for condos, you want a proactive approach that includes exactly what your commercial property needs, but doesn’t break the budget to do so. You also want a landscape company that can provide ideas and solutions for your toughest-to-manage areas. Additionally, the business you work with should have crew leaders who can respond kindly and promptly to homeowner requests.  

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The common areas and landscaping of your HOA or condominium can make a huge difference in property values. Board members who can ensure their community’s landscaping is in tip-top shape can keep their members satisfied and their community competitive to continue to attract and retain tenants. Abbey Glen hoa plants beds 3
Huntsform Farms was seeking this type of solution for their condominium association in Macedonia, Ohio.

Huntsford Farms Condo Association Landscaping Maintenance Challenges

Huntsford Farms has more than 300 individual homes.

They wanted to work with a commercial business that understands landscaping for associations. This meant having attention to detail and knowing how to navigate tight areas with specialized equipment.

They were also looking at a plan for freshening up 20-year-old landscaping to ensure a clean, coordinating plant palette that homeowners can be excited about and proud of. 

Turfscape was the company to deliver, alleviating their challenges and pain points by presenting viable solutions.

Landscaping for Condos: Huntsford Farms Solutions

Turfscape came in with creative solutions for Huntsford Farms that includes more efficient use of equipment, excellent communication that includes multiple tactics, and the creation of a master plan to improve overall aesthics of this condominium association in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. 

Here are the ideas Turfscape came up with that helped Huntsford Farms improve their property’s overall landscape health, look, and communication.

Enlisting an On-Site Crew

When a condo association has 300 individual homes like Huntsford Farms, that’s a lot of eyeballs on the property at all times, using the common areas, navigating the site, and using the amenities. As such, having additional eyes is helpful with landscaping for condos. 

turfscape team planting in landscape bed

Turfscape has an on-site crew take care of Huntsford farms. This results in a cleaner outdoor appearance because the crew can immediately react to problems and handle trash or maintenance issues. This also ensures the crew can alert Huntsford Farm’s board of any safety hazards that arise so they don’t linger or cause additional issues.

Having a Plan to Handle Homeowners’ Individual Requests

Landscaping for condos must include regular and meticulous maintenance on the grounds of the entire association. 

But while this work is being done, the contractor must also be mindful of homeowners’ individual expectations and questions. 

When homeowners have special requests to take care of their own planting or landscape beds or need an area push-mowed, Turfscape has a plan in place to address those residents’ questions and needs as part of working for Huntsford Farms. They respect homeowners that don’t want their property touched as well.

crew dead heading plants 1

Taking Care of Sensitive Property Areas With Special Equipment

Condo association landscaping maintenance can involve a variety of areas that include expanses of turf, as well as smaller areas of grass that are sandwiched between hardscapes and other plant material. 

landscape team mowing with push mower

Turfscape will use push mowers in areas that may get damaged by using larger equipment to limit any issues and ensure a clean, crisp look.

Provide Same-Day Response

Communication is a vital part of condo association landscaping maintenance. A property manager and condo board must know what’s going on at the site at all times to ensure work is being completed on schedule and issues are addressed in a timely manner. 

Turfscape account managers ensure same-day response on questions and issues to ensure communication is top priority and condo associations are never left in the dark on current plans, maintenance schedules, updates, issues, and concerns.

Proactive Planning

The majority of homes in the Huntsford Farms development are approaching 20 years of the same landscape plant material. 

Turfscape came up with a master plan with the condo board to update that landscaping for condos over the next decade. 

landscape crew planting plants with customer waving

Turfscape will remove aging plant material from around the majority of the units’ foundations and freshen those areas up with new landscaping. 

To enable this plan, Turfscape submitted landscape architectural designs and concepts for each phase and worked with the association’s budgeting to help them appropriate finances for the future completion of the phased projects.

The Impact of Great Condominium Landscaping in Cleveland and Northeast OH

Turfscape has been working with Huntsford Farms for more than a decade. 

The company loves the partnership and communication they receive to help them keep up their condominium site aesthetics, address homeowners’ needs, and create a plan for improvement within their timeframe and budget parameters. The strong communication they receive is also ideal for their needs and preferences. 

Just like Huntsford Farms, your condo association landscaping maintenance may need some attention to improve the property’s look for homeowners, as well as improve communication, and create a plan for future aesthetic landscape design enhancements. 

But maybe you also have a lot on your plate, and you don’t have time to micromanage a landscape company or worry about whether your facility is being neglected by the service provider you choose. 

We understand. You’re busy and your time is valuable. Let Turfscape help. We can discuss your priorities and build a relationship of trust with you so you feel like we’re really listening to you and your needs. We can communicate with you in the ideal fashion you choose and respond promptly so you’re never left wondering what’s next or if something is not complete. We can proactively share impactful ideas with you to boost areas of your property that you didn’t even know needed attention. 

Want to learn more about our landscaping for condos services in Northeast Ohio? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice.

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