You hope to keep your Northeast Ohio commercial property looking professional. Whether it’s an office park, industrial site, warehouse, educational facility, retail space, or hospital, your commercial space has to look presentable, drawing people in and elevating your brand reputation. 

You want your commercial property to be designed and maintained to your specific needs – whether you need top-notch tidiness at all times, pops of professional color punches, the ultimate in safety, or welcoming areas for people to use for relaxation or enjoyment. You want your site to look attractive – no matter what seasonal changes, weather conditions, or high traffic comes in. 

We have good news for you. A great commercial landscaping account manager can handle all of these landscape worries, leaving you more time to focus on the rest of your responsibilities. 

How is your Northeast Ohio commercial landscape company doing when it comes to providing you with a stellar account manager? 

Let’s talk about the benefits of account managers for commercial landscaping. 

Commercial Landscaping Impacts That Come With a Good Account Manager

You might be wondering what a landscaping account manager is when it comes to your commercial site. 


The account manager is the face of the organization you hire as your partner on your commercial property in Northeast Ohio. He or she is responsible for managing a book of established grounds maintenance contracts in a set geographical area.  

Here are some things your account manager should be doing to have a positive impact on your commercial property. 

Build a Solid Relationship

Everything starts with a strong relationship. 

Landscaping account managers should take the time to get to know your commercial property and what is most important to you. A cookie cutter approach really doesn’t work because every property has different wants and needs. 

After establishing a relationship, your account manager will know your expectations and needs and take care of them on a regular basis without you even having to ask. 

Account manager and property manager truck

Communicate Well

We know you have a lot on your plate. If you find you are constantly calling, emailing, or texting your commercial landscaping account manager to find out when they are supposed to show up, what they will be doing, and asking them to take care of tasks they said they would do last month, this is not a good sign. 

We believe communication includes some important factors that we find keeps our property manager customers happy. 

First, we offer same day communication. Our account managers respond to customer calls, emails, and texts within 24 hours. While we can’t promise to have issues resolved in that time frame, we can respond to the message so you know it was received and provide a n idea of when we can handle the question or issue. We don’t want to be difficult to get a hold of. 

Then, we believe firmly in completing the communication loop. You shouldn't have to walk your property to check and see if we did the work. If you send us a quick text or email or give us a call or even stop into our office, we can update you, ensuring you get answers to your questions. 

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Be Proactive

Since your landscaping account manager is a commercial landscape expert, they should be able to recommend ways you can improve your property and suggest updates.

Our account managers are on your site frequently, checking on work quality and looking for problem areas. Our crew leaders are also trained to communicate problem areas to the account manager as they see them. Areas like this might include dying or diseased plant material, drainage problems, or erosion issues. Our goal is to alert you about issues and provide creative solutions before these spots become bigger issues. 

Part of your account manager’s job is to look for ways to improve your property’s aesthetics, as well as safety and accessibility. 

Account manager site inspection dead heading 1

Offer Solutions to Problems

Your landscaping account manager should not only know what you need on your property, but also be able to seek out ways to help increase your commercial facility value and make the andsaping better for your customers and visitors. 

Account managers can bring their experience to the table. For instance, at Turfscape, our team is composed of many experienced professionals, and our company has more than 35 years in business with a strong network of connections. This means we can help solve many issues and, if we can’t solve them personally, we can provide connections to other contractors or vendors if your request is outside of our scope of work. 

customer with account manager looking at flower beds and entry sign

Elevate Work Quality

Part of your account manager’s job is to make sure the quality of work being done on your commercial property is high. The commercial landscaping impacts of this responsibility are huge. 

Our account managers, for instance, manage the landscape crews and operations within their books of business. This means they are directly responsible for ensuring the quality of the work and making sure services that are part of the contract are completed. 

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Add Value

If you have a competitive shopping center or an HOA community that you want to ensure retains its tenants, then you need to offer the latest perks so you’re not falling behind. 

That means you could include innovative amenities to bring new business to your door – everything from outdoor recreation areas to walking trails or dog parks or employee meeting areas with wi-fi. 

Your commercial landscaping account manager should be up-to-date on current trends and be able to add value to your commercial grounds since the job is beyond just cutting grass. 

Commercial Landscaping Account Manager and Customer talking plantings

Looking For An Amazing Landscaping Account Manager For Your Northeast Ohio Commercial Property? 

Your commercial property is important to you. You want to add curb appeal, value, and also create an impressive, professional facility that reflects your brand. 

A great commercial landscaping account manager can help create and maintain that kind of space for you. 

Commercial landscape maintenance is a people business, so it’s really about the account manager and his or her priorities. That’s what makes an amazing commercial landscape. Your landscape professional must be able to sit down with you and hear your thoughts and ideas in order to deliver a plan that meets – and even exceeds – your needs. 

At the end of the day our team at Turfscape hopes to become an extension of the commercial properties that we partner with so we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship.  

You want to work with a company that takes you and your needs seriously, so you are confident in the end result. A detail-oriented company like Turfscape that takes time to talk to you from the start will bring that same focus and attention every day at your facility. 

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Ready to see how Turfscape can elevate your Northeast Ohio commercial landscape into a more professional space? We’d love to share our expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you. 

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