Automation is trending in numerous industries – and commercial landscape maintenance is certainly one of them. 

In fact, when it comes to automation equipment, commercial robotic mowers lead the charge in advancing the market. These autonomous machines can revolutionize how we maintain commercial properties. What’s more is they can bring some great benefits to your commercial property in Northeast Ohio. 

Let’s dive into the subject of robotic mowing and look at how technology is improving the automated lawn mower and what that means for your property and any maintenance updates you might experience as part of your services. 

The Commercial Robotics Landscape

Learning about robotic mowing can help you better understand how this technology can benefit your commercial facility. 

These autonomous, battery-powered machines have commercial applications, as well as residential ones. In fact, the benefits may amplify on a larger property like a commercial site. 

What is Robotic Mowing?

Robotic mowing is done with an automated lawn mower. Robotic mowers operate similarly to robotic vacuum cleaners people use in their homes. 

The mower will sense the lawn’s perimeter and then automatically trim the grass located within those boundaries. When it’s not in use, a robotic mower will return to its docking station to recharge. 

Even though robotic mowers feel new, the technology has been around for decades but is most recently becoming practical for use on large commercial sites. 

Commercial landscape autonomous mower

What Do Robotic Mowers Do?

The goal for the robotic mower is to cut your commercial lawn open areas without having people interact physically with the machine. 

This doesn’t steal their jobs, but rather frees them up to conduct more detail work and ensure extra services can happen on your site in a same or reduced timeframe. 

According to Turfscape Field Manager Joseph Laduca, using a robotic mowing machine frees up his time so he can edge, pick up trash, weed, paint soccer lines, or other tasks on a commercial site. 

Autonomous commercial robotic mower background athletic field crew edging

How Can Robotic Mowers Be Useful on Commercial Properties?

When they were first introduced, robotic lawn mowers didn’t offer any real commercial benefit because they were too small to tackle these typically larger properties. 

But advancements in automated lawn mowers are making them more of a reality for commercial landscape maintenance use. 

This means your property’s grounds management crew can set up a robotic machine in a section of your landscape, ensuring it knows the boundaries or obstacles, and set it up to automatically mow while crewmembers tackle other tasks. On properties with tons of acres, this can really help save time and ensure all work gets done on a large site in a reasonable amount of time. 

Autonomous commercial robotic mower university athletic field crew blowing 1

How Beneficial Are Robotic Mowers to the Environment?

An automated lawn mower actually reduces noise pollution on your commercial site because these machines are quieter, which makes it quieter for employees at your office park, patients at your hospital, and students at your school or college. The reduction in noise happens as a result of the fewer vibrations the machine generates. 

Being battery-powered, robotic mowers also decrease your carbon footprint and emissions due to the lower exhaust and decreased potential spills. 

Autonomous commercial robotic mower university

How Safe Are Robotic Mowing Machines?

You might be concerned that an automated lawn mower has a mind of its own and might be unsafe for use on your busy commercial property. 

But today’s machines are very safe. Cameras and sensors on the machines alert it of nearby or passing objects or people, so it will pause mowing and not resume its work until that object or person is out of the way. Sensors also enable the mower to stop, back up, and turn or move away from anything that it might unexpectedly encounter while mowing the lawn.

The underdeck design of a robotic mower also positions the blades away from outer edges, which eliminates injuries to anything that might get too close. 

Autonomous commercial robotic mower university 3

Interested In Automated Lawn Mower Technology? Learn More From Turfscape 

Advanced technologies continue to be developed and evaluated for use in commercial grounds maintenance. It’s important that experts vet them thoroughly to determine their advantages and usefulness on public commercial properties. 

The robotic mowing technology is certainly promising for use on commercial facilities in Northeast Ohio. Turfscape has been one of the first companies to use this technology, and we're seeing great results. 

“I was skeptical at first,” Laduca admits, “but now I wouldn't change it. I’m able to provide more to my customers, and it frees up my crew’s time and my time to be able to give my priorities the detail they deserve.”

Interested in learning more about automated lawn mowers? Give Turfscape’s experts a call. We can talk to you about the advantages of these machines and share with you some ways we might be able to use them on your site. The benefits you could realize could be better than you expect. 

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Turfscape would be happy to discuss robotic mowing with you and how it could improve your commercial property and fit within your budget in Northeast Ohio so you are the property hero. Request a proposal today. We’ll review your options together so you can make the best choice.

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