As a commercial property manager in Northeast Ohio, you want patients to feel confident using medical services at your hospital, you want shoppers to invest in products at your retail center, you want employees to enjoy coming to work and using outdoor lunch break and meeting areas, you want people to trust in your business, you want potential homeowners to choose your HOA over others and refer your multifamily residence to others so your tenant recruitment and retention stays strong. 

No matter what type of commercial facility you manage, you want visitors and guests to notice your property in a positive and professional way. Your mission is to draw people into a safe, welcoming environment that is well-manicured with high-end landscaping. 
Nothing attracts more attention than the right commercial landscape amenities that can elevate curb appeal and entice your visitors and guests to linger. In fact, the right impressive touches at your commercial site can create big impacts without breaking the bank. One high-impact amenity is outdoor seating and outdoor work areas. 
Let’s discuss some reasons outdoor seating is beneficial for Northeast Ohio commercial facilities and some commercial outdoor seating ideas that property managers can focus on to maximize impact and ensure your property stands out from the rest. 

Is Outdoor Seating For Commercial Properties Worth the Investment?

You might think your commercial landscape is all about a few perennials and annuals in landscape beds and nicely mowed grass. But that’s not enough today to stand out in the competitive commercial marketplace in Northeast Ohio. 

Having outdoor seating at commercial sites creates an additional experience for employees, customers, tenants, patients, and visitors to your location. 

Let’s talk about the reasons outdoor seating can make a big impact on your site. 

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Outdoor Seating at Commercial Sites Attracts Customers

You can make a significant impact on the people who venture onto your property with the right outdoor seating for commercial properties. 

As potential customers and repeat customers come to your retail or commercial facility, your landscaping and outdoor amenities will communicate your care for your facility and your customers. Having some special places for people to utilize ensures your customers have a good experience and can lead them to choose your site over others. 

Outdoor seating gives customers places to relax and enjoy. You can add modern benches or a central pavilion or pergola that creates a focal point. 

To ensure customers remain cool and comfortable during hot, summer months, remember to incorporate shade. This way people can use the space for extended periods of time and during different seasons to get the most out of these spaces. Sun shades, pergolas, pavilions, and canopies are all great ways to create shade.

Drawing more customers in equals more sales and revenue, which is a definite perk for your business. 

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Outdoor Seating is Aesthetically Pleasing 

Outdoor seating is a visually appealing addition to a commercial property as well. 

An outdoor work area for employees, for instance, is a place that looks attractive and draws people in. It adds a hardscape element that breaks up a space. 

Incorporate Walking Paths With Outdoor Seating Areas

If the seniors of your retirement community, the patients at your hospital, or the residents at your HOA want a space to exercise or enjoy time outdoors, creating a meandering walking path at your site can give you a competitive edge over other similar facilities in the area. Adding outdoor seating at commercial sites throughout this path creates cozy resting areas. 

In fact, according to the National Apartment Association, 42% of apartment residents were willing to pay a premium for apartments with walking trails. 

Adding landscaping, proper lighting, and even exercise stations can amplify the desire to use this type of commercial outdoor seating idea. 

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Add Play or Recreation Areas With Outdoor Seating

Thinking about members of the entire family – including children and pets – is a great way to draw interest from new customers and retain current customers with outdoor seating at commercial facilities. 

People may choose your shopping center over another if you have a place for their children to unwind and play outside inbetween running errands and a cozy bench for you to watch them from. Dog parks are also attractive and useful additions that can incorporate outdoor seating. Outdoor bocce ball courts or other game spots that incorporate seating can also be fun additions for play and rest. 

Common areas can also draw people to them for networking and discussion. Outdoor meeting areas, like lunch spots or places for workers to engage or take breaks are perfect for office parks. Providing WI-FIi in these areas takes it up a notch and enables people to really use the locations for more than just quick breaks. 

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Incorporate Fire Pits and Water Features

Another way to amplify outdoor seating at commercial sites is with amenities like fire pits or water features. 

Fire pits or fire features draw people into their warmth and light, and are also incredibly attractive additions to stage an employee cookout, community event, or entertain out-of-town clients. 

Water features add a sensory appeal to your commercial site, boosting a relaxing atmosphere and even disguising unsavory sounds like traffic. 

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Looking for Some Great Outdoor Seating at Your Commercial Facility in Northeast OH? Call Turfscape

To enhance curb appeal on your Northeast Ohio commercial facility, opt for professional commercial landscape design. Using the skillsets of experts in the field can help you optimize function with commercial outdoor seating ideas, as well as beautify the overall look of your site. 

You want your outdoor site amenities to look good, delivering something for your property that is next level. You want to be able to draw in new residents, shoppers, customers, and visitors, as well as keep the ones you already have. You want to offer outdoor seating that encourages interaction, engagement, usability, and security. 

As you’re reviewing your site and determining your goals, you might find yourself asking questions, wondering how you could possibly add outdoor seating to keep your commercial property looking its best – elevating safety, enhancing functionality, and improving aesthetics. 

If you’re not sure where to start, give Turfscape a call. We can do a thorough walk-through, and our landscape team can come up with creative solutions to build designs that serve multiple purposes and look great at the same time, making your property stand out from the rest. 

Ready to see how Turfscape can transform your Northeast Ohio commercial facility with outdoor seating? We’d love to share our professional expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can help you elevate your business image and reputation.  

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