Safety Program

Safety is a top concern at Turfscape

Whether it’s during the green season or the snow is flying outside, Turfscape takes safety seriously. The Turfscape Team knows that our work cannot be considered high-quality unless it is performed in a safe and responsible manner. Our working practices are continually evaluated and discussed to promote a safety-conscious company mindset. The ultimate goal is for our employees to go beyond the minimum to develop situation-specific practices that create the best working environment for everyone. You can see our safety program in action in multiple ways:

  • Required use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including high-vis uniform or vest, earplugs, safety glasses, proper work boots and pruning chaps
  • Each trailer has supplied print outs of MSDS sheets to reference
  • Training on jobsite set up including proper placement of cones and chemical posting flags
  • Wash stations in shops
  • Trailer tailgates are painted safety yellow
  • Drug testing
  • Quarterly shop and daily crew safety audits
  • Weekly safety training 
  • All trucks contain a safety handbook, MSDS sheets for all chemicals used, first aid and blood born pathogen kits, fire extinguishers and cones
  • Daily circle of safety checks on all trucks and trailers 

On top of these safeguards, we conduct weekly Circle of Safety meetings. A vast array of issues is discussed during these meetings including: equipment user technique, bee stings, chemical spills, fire safety, proper snow shoveling styles…and much more! These meetings guide us on how to help create effective and lasting solutions that protect employees and customers now and in the future.


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