The Partnership

Unkempt grounds
were in dire need of a

The Solution

Turfscape drafted a three year grounds maintenance plan.

The Impact

Trinity High School and
Turfscape have developed
a strong partnership.

Case Study Cost Comparison: In-House vs. Outsourced Grounds Maintenance

Outdoor Grounds Partner Improves Image of Local Private High School

The Issue/Challenge:

Trinity High School was performing their grounds maintenance in-house for three decades. For a couple years, the administration was becoming more and more disappointed in the appearance of the school. It was recognized that due to the neglected grounds, the school was not making a positive first impression on parents, students, faculty and visitors.

The Partnership:

Trinity High School contacted George Hohman, Founder & President of Turfscape, Inc., prior to the start of the 2013 school year. It was apparent that the school grounds needed massive attention before the start of the new school year.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Crew Hedge Trimmer Boxwood trimming grasses 2

The Turfscape team delivered on the mid-season clean-up of the property to get the grounds presentable for the beginning of the school year. Long-term solutions to assist in the health and appearance of the grounds were also suggested.

The Solution:

Trinity’s unkempt grounds were resulting in an overall poor first impression and needed to be addressed. To help solve this issue, Turfscape drafted a three year grounds maintenance plan for Trinity. The overall solutions were:

1. Freeing Up the Maintenance Personnel:

With Turfscape tending to Trinity’s outdoor grounds, the maintenance personnel could now focus on maintaining the inside of the high school.

2. Weekly Grounds Maintenance:

The grounds were now maintained on a weekly basis and the appearance of the high school improved dramatically.

3. Assistance with Events:

Trinity now had a resource they could rely on to help prepare the grounds for special events and open houses.

4. Selling Trinity’s Equipment:

Turfscape worked with Trinity to help sell all of their grounds maintenance equipment, which freed up storage space and resulted in unexpected income.

5. Redesigning the Front Entrances:

To date, two main entrances to the school have been redesigned and landscaped. This has improved the image of the school and in turn positively affects visitors’ first impressions.

6. Planting Annuals:

Seasonal flowers have been added to the front entrance of the school, providing a dramatic impact of color.

The Impact:

Trinity and Turfscape have developed a strong partnership and the school grounds are now a source of pride for the school. The decision to outsource the landscaping has positively affected the health and vitality of the athletic fields, the image of the school and eliminated the unnecessary hassles and time constraints the maintenance personnel were feeling.

More importantly, the relationship has grown deeper than maintaining the outdoor grounds of the school: Turfscape supports the Trinity Internship program by employing two Trinity interns annually. The relationship is truly a win-win.