George Hohman - President

1. What is your name and title?

George Hohman - Founder & President

2. What is your role at Turfscape? 

First and foremost I lead our company culture & sales efforts but ultimately have a hand in everything from day to day operations and big picture planning & budgeting.

3. How long have you worked at Turfscape? 

Since 1988, at one point or another, I have taken part in every Turfscape position:

Technician, Job Supervisor, Operations Manager, Account Manager, Branch Manager, Admin, President

4. How long have you worked in the landscape industry? 

Since 1988, when I started the company. I originally worked out of my parent's garage with a Chevy blazer and a trailer for my mowing equipment.

5. What industry AND non-industry designations/certifications/degrees do you have?

Certified Landscape Professional

Certified Snow Professional

Akron University

Cleveland State University

6. What is your favorite project you worked on at Turfscape and why? 

PAWSibilities/Humane Society of Summit County - Giving Back by revamping the dog enrichment area

John Carroll University - The transition of our partnership

Trinity High School - Giving Back by completely overhauling the school's landscaping

7. What is your favorite Have Fun at Work event that you attended and why? 

Akron Rubberducks game - I love watching baseball and it was great hanging out with everyone

8. What is the one thing about you that might surprise people?

I coach baseball at Trinity High School

9. What do you enjoy doing when not at Turfscape?

Hike - Fish - Hunt

10. Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

I love that Turfscape and all of our team members care about giving back to the community.

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