Jodi Reimer - Sales & Marketing Coordinator

1. What is your name and title?

Jodi Reimer, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

2. What is your role at Turfscape? Explain any job responsibilities.

My main responsibility is to brand the image and culture of Turfscape with employee enrichment and giving back events along with creating a positive social media presence attracting prospective customers and employees. I spearhead our marketing efforts by creating content for newsletters, blogs and e-blasts that strategically target our top prospects. I also provide behind the scenes sales support by tracking sales numbers, preparing proposals and customizing sales presentations. 

3. How long have you worked at Turfscape? If you’ve held different positions at Turfscape, please explain.

I started at Turfscape in 2010. One perk about working at a smaller company is getting exposed to many elements of the company's existence-which has led to many great learning experiences personally & professionally! With that said, although my title has never changed, I've had my hand in pretty much every aspect of the company...from sales to marketing to social media to recruiting to enhancements to sales proposals to contracting to ordering uniforms to events to giveaways to office decorating to snow shoveling! 

4. How long have you worked in the landscape industry? Share any pertinent info.

Technically since 2010 when I started at Turfscape. However, growing up I always had outside jobs like at Farmyard Flowers and Sweet's Sweet Corn. I inherited the love of the outdoors from my parents and have always enjoyed working in their yard...not that I had a choice at times growing up! I now find endless joy enhancing and beautifying my own yard and love watching the changes in the plants & flowers from season to season. I also love that I have "free" landscaping advice right at my fingertips...which I'm sure my co-workers that I drill with questions love as well...

5. What industry AND non-industry designations/certifications/degrees do you have?

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Baldwin Wallace University in Business Administration and Studio Art

6. What is your favorite project you worked on at Turfscape and why? It could be a Customer or Giving Back Project. If you have multiple, please share all!

I really enjoyed the PAWSibilities/Humane Society of Summit County Giving Back event. Kudos to Bob Ramser for spearheading the planning along with the 35 Turfscapians and family members that volunteered their time on a hot August Saturday. We completely revamped the dog enrichment area by improving drainage, planting grass, trees & shrubs, mulching, laying limestone and skillfully creating a memorial brick collection. It was also special to me for two other reasons: 1.) my parents were able to come and volunteer with us that day 2.) Turfscape & George were honored at the PAWSibility Ball the following year and I was able to attend the event with my husband, Michael. There is a great video the organization created that is on our Giving Back page - you can check it out here.

7. What is your favorite Have Fun at Work event that you attended and why? If you have multiple, please share all!

Well, since I plan most of the events I have to say...they're all pretty fun! Hee Hee. The highlights are:

  • Having a Harlem Shake competition (back when the Harlem Shake was a thing), was quite amusing and watching those videos now still makes everyone LOL.
  • Polar Blast Tubing! I love the snow and wintertime! Most people here give me a slight glare or want to lock me in a closet when I say that but...I can't help it!
  • The ornament making event was hilarious. Everyone was super uncomfortable and like "Really Jodi?" at first...then the tides turned and it was so much fun!!! We now can pull those ornaments out every year around the holidays to enjoy everyone's creation.
  • The roller skating holiday party! Oh wow...not naming any names...but OH WOW. So funny!
  • 25th anniversary party at the House of Blues in brother-in-law's band played for us which made it extra special.
  • The Turfscape Olympics in 2014 was pretty epic. Some people might not think so because the front lawn of Turfscape got torn up from our Backpack Soccer games and they had to repair it the next week in preparation for Turfscape hosting 100 people for Higher Ground University. We can blame that on Keith Peri though...I think he was the one that ended up turning the irrigation system on during the game! 
  • Family events like the Akron Zoo and Akron Rubberducks games are always super memorable too because the people most important to us are invited and can meet everyone we work with.
  • Clearly I'm not good with "favorites".
  • Honestly...any event I can say "Hey, everyone, get together and smile at the camera" so I can post the fun we have on our social media sites is a good event to me.

8. What is the one thing about you that might surprise people?

In high school, my summer job was picking corn. I am so NOT a get-up-at-dawn type of person (more of a night owl) but I had to be in North Ridgeville at Sweet's Sweet Corn ready to jump into a wagon at 6AM and get driven down the road by a tractor (I am serious) to then manually pick sweet corn in field after field. I may (or may not) have broken a few speed limit laws to make it on time. After we picked corn, a few of us with mad corn skills got to stay and sort the corn and then sell it on the wagon. You'd be surprised how much people paid for this corn - it was delicious! Even the cats would eat it raw if you shucked it for them. I have some serious one-of-a-kind memories from that job... 

9. What do you enjoy doing when not at Turfscape?

Lots of things involving my family, the outdoors and my husband:

* Backpacking * Kayaking (especially on Lake Erie) * Running * Rock Climbing * Biking * Canoeing * Yoga * Steelhead Fishing with my Dad (or any fishing really...I'm the catch & release type) * Downhill & Cross Country Skiing * Volleyball * Reading * Scrapbooking * Multi-Media Art * Anything involving a hot glue gun (one of the best things ever invented) * Volunteering to benefit those less fortunate & neglected animals * Listening to music and going to concerts * Traveling (my husband and I excel at wilderness vagabond week long trips!) * Visiting new breweries * Being a Cleveland advocate & giving people advice on places to go * Getting together with friends, new & old * Spending quality time with my family (they're the best) *

10. Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

- Our family has what we like to call an "heirloom". This so called "heirloom" is a tortoise who is 40 years old, eats right out of your hand and hibernates in a box during the winter. Not joking. Her name is Pokey and she is COOL.

- I love, love, LOVE taking photos. I prefer nature & shots of Cleveland as my subject matter but anything is fun! Check out my Instagram page: jodireimer

- This quote is inspirational to me: "Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time."

- I like to hug trees. I don't like to eat animals. I reduce, reuse, recycle & compost all that I can.

- I played basketball and volleyball in college and have been inducted in BW's Hall of Fame

- Apparently I'm an now know an awful lot about me, but thanks for reading my bio!

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