Shopping Centers

Sustaining a well-manicured, attractive & safe environment for consumers & tenants

Commercial Landscape Services for Shopping Centers


Heavy foot traffic is music to the ears of every shopping center owner or manager. Frequent customers are the life-blood for your tenants' businesses. With thousands of visitors weekly from local and surrounding communities, it is important that your center generate a positive impression to each of them. The Turfscape team recognizes that you take pride in managing your shopping center and that safety, along with a welcoming atmosphere, is important. As a result, we provide quality landscaping and commercial snow removal services for shopping centers that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

When spring arrives, our immediate goal is to perform spring clean-up and get your shopping center's grounds presentable. Our commercial landscape services for shopping centers include edging and mulching any existing beds and installing eye-pleasing flowers as soon as the weather is favorable. Throughout the growing season, the Turfscape team will keep your shrubs pruned and your planting beds and islands weed free. If your shopping center requires any turf maintenance, our team will be cognizant of cars in the parking lot and mow responsibly.

During the winter months, Turfscape delivers reliable, economical and sustainable commercial snow removal services. You can rely on us to keep your parking lot and sidewalks plowed and salted, helping protect your visitors and tenants from safety hazards. A well-maintained property provides consumers a more enjoyable experience while out in the elements of a Northeast Ohio winter – encouraging repeat visits. The Turfscape team recognizes that it is our responsibility that your tenants can open their stores and service their customers on even some of the most challenging winter days.

As an owner or manager of a shopping center, you likely are not onsite daily. Having a reputable company like Turfscape on your property allows you peace of mind that services are being performed properly and on-time and any safety hazards are being reported. Regardless of the season, Turfscape will partner with you to ensure satisfied tenants and consumers. Contact us to learn more about our snow removal and commercial landscape services for shopping centers.