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School Ground Maintenance Services for Every Season

Turfscape understands how important first impressions are to your students, parents and faculty regardless the season. Our passionate and trained crew members are committed to maintaining a landscape that will make a positive, lasting impression to first-time or frequent visitors of your campus. Whether you’re looking for basic school grounds maintenance or want to create the wow factor with seasonal color, partnering with Turfscape is your landscaping solution.

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As winter rolls around on your campus, we understand it can create some real challenges as it relates to pedestrian safety. Turfscape has been fighting snow in Northeast Ohio since 1988 and understands the unpredictability and struggles winter brings. We contract with a meteorologist firm and monitor weather conditions before and during all snow storms. This allows us to dispatch crews accordingly, immediately reducing the safety hazards and inconveniences that come along with snow and ice covering your parking lots and sidewalks.

We have top-of-the-line snow removal equipment along with the resources to continually fight that two inch storm that quickly increases to an eight inch storm. Partnering with us not only relieves the burden on your staff member who continually has to plow and shovel, but it also allows you reassurance that your students and faculty can arrive to their classroom, dorm or car more conveniently.

Our goal is to be your outdoor service providing partner. Contact us to learn more about our grounds maintenance services and to discuss why it would be beneficial and cost-effective for you to outsource your school grounds maintenance and snow removal obligations to a reputable, accountable company like Turfscape. Not only will it save you time, money and unnecessary hassles, but our team will also work closely with you to arrive at a budget-friendly, sustainable solution catered to your campus requirements to keep it safe and beautiful all year long.


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