You know those winter days when you feel warm and almost untouched by those chilly winds?

Maybe you’re inside with a cup of coffee or tea, getting ready to leave for work and check on your properties. And then you look out the window and see the snow start relentlessly falling and quickly covering the grass and then filling up your driveways and walkways. Maybe you’re able to sneak into your car through the garage to avoid most of the snow and cold.

As a snow fighter during a Northeast Ohio winter, there is no escape from the snow and cold. One must battle it head on. One must be constantly aware of what Mother Nature is going to deliver at any moment. Weather apps and radars become your best friends. A snow and ice management pro knows it may look calm outside now, but that could swiftly change.

Being at the ready constantly enables one to provide superior snow removal services in Northeast Ohio.

Wondering what it takes to be ahead of snow and ice in a midwest state that delivers unpredictable winters and storms that vary from north to south and east to west? Here is how Turfscape pros stay sharp to battle flurries and keep you and your visitors, employees, and guests safe.Snow removal in Northeast Ohio

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Snow Removal Services in Northeast Ohio

Snowflakes and black ice don’t care about your important schedules or commercial property events and plans.

But that doesn’t matter. Your parking lots and sidewalks still need to be clear, open, and accessible to enable employees, customers, tenants, and visitors to come and go through the winter season.

Conquering the snow takes some dedicated skills and focus.

1. Snow Doesn’t Run on a Schedule

Yes, snowfall in this area tends to run from between December 1 and March 31. But we’ve had storms as early as October and into April, so being prepared is paramount.

A snow and ice services provider must have a private forecasting expert who is reporting upcoming weather, as well as other sources to triple check changes in weather patterns and predictions. This means constant weather monitoring because no one source is ever 100 percent correct.

Mother Nature also doesn’t know whether or not it’s a holiday or a special occasion. This means snow removal services in Northeast Ohio must run at all times, regardless of the fact that a holiday dinner was just placed on the table or that the weekend just started.

2. Always Expect the Unexpected

Knowing what might happen or not happen with the weather is one thing. But being ready to act once those facts are known is quite another.

This means having employees at the ready, calling them in when the snow strikes. This means having solid relationships with subcontractors so you have more manpower available when those bigger, badder storms strike.

Snow removal services in Northeast Ohio must involve a lot of planning and scheduling so enough people are available when that decision must be made to move out and fight the storm, clearing customers’ properties.Snow removal equipment ready to go

3. Snow Removal Must Be Treated Like an Emergency Response Service

Snow fighters have to treat snow and ice removal like an emergency service.

The reason for this focus and strategy is to ensure all types of commercial properties maintain easy access and safe passage. Liability can be a real issue on these properties, and snow and ice pros take their jobs seriously.

They can’t say, “It’s a holiday, we will finish this up another day” or “We’re tired, we’ll go sleep and finish the plowing tomorrow.” They must get the work done. Their customers are counting on them.

To accomplish successful snow removal services in Northeast Ohio, one must sustain a delicate balance between staffing appropriately, watching weather constantly, planning effectively, maintaining equipment diligently, and making some sacrifices.Staff shoveling snow at commercial building

Snow Removal Services: It’s Not An Easy Job, But We Love It

Due to the constant back and forth between mild winters vs. extreme ones in Northeast Ohio, you have to manage the unknown on your commercial properties every time temperatures begin to dip.

This makes snow and ice removal services an essential addition to your budget so when those storms strike, you’re prepared and your property doesn’t lose a day of business, a client, a tenant, or any dip in reputation.

We know it can feel like a lot to plan when there’s so much unknown in how the season will go. Don’t sweat it. Let Turfscape help you plan your snow removal services in Northeast Ohio. We’ve offered snow and ice management for over 30 years, so we have experienced quite a variety of winters and can help you best navigate this unpredictable season at your facility.

Turfscape would be happy to share some specific ideas you can use to ensure safety and security on your commercial property this winter or in preparation for next winter. Request a proposal today. We’ll review your options together so you can make the best choice.

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