Reasons You Should Prune and Then Mulch.jpgFor some reason, it has become a standard landscape practice in the condominium market to have mulch installed prior to the Memorial Day holiday. The issue with this is, however, that the shrubs in the same planting beds do not need to be pruned until the following weeks.

So the major question is: Why does it make sense to do it this way?

The answer is simple: It doesn't make sense to mulch then prune.

If you were remodeling your home, would you not paint first then install the hardwood floors? It's the same idea when it comes to mulching. If you are paying for mulch to be installed, would you not want it to last longer and look as pristine as possible? Below you will find the "Pros and Cons" of both scenarios according to the professionals at Turfscape:

Scenario 1: Mulch First, Prune Second


  • 90% of the time, mulch is installed prior to the Memorial Day holiday
  • Adds additional, immediate color to the property


  • Pruning typically occurs within a couple weeks of mulch being installed, thus removing/distributing mulch in tandem with the cleanup process
  • Mulch is being installed during the "wet season" which triggers shotgun mold to develop
  • Mulch color has already begun to fade prior to the 4th of July

year-round landscape maintenance by season

Scenario 2: Prune First, Mulch Second


  • No cleanup issues when pruning
  • Clean, crisp appearance of neatly pruned shrubs and fresh mulch
  • Mulch is not applied in the "wet season" thus dramatically lowering the risk of shotgun mold developing
  • Mulch will hold its color longer throughout the hot months of summer
  • Properties are mulched prior to the July 4th holiday
  • Turfscape is offering an incentive to save your association money


  • Mulch is not installed before the Memorial Day holiday

If you should have any questions or would like to discuss other options on how to save in regards to your landscaping budget, please do not hesitate to contact us.