As a commercial Facility Manager, you’re likely finalizing your budget for 2018 and looking ahead to next year. You may be realizing it’s finally time to commit, or upgrade what’s currently in place, toward eco-friendlier commercial landscape maintenance options/property renovations. Learn more about commercial lawn maintenance below:

Is 2018 the year you make lasting, sustainable changes on behalf of your facility?

Landscape Industry Standards

iStock_98339845_SMALL (1).jpgCall them smart, or aesthetically pleasing, technologically advanced, or in some cases, old-school. The trends coming in 2018 are encouraging commercial Facility Managers like you to not just maintain, but sustain. Begin tending to your exterior space as if it were a living organism needing the right elements to grow and thrive, not just requiring “maintenance."

Greening Up the Green Space

Look beyond simple LED landscape lighting as the only way to incorporate sustainable elements into your facility. Today, it’s really all about conserving existing resources and being energy efficient across every aspect of your property. Thoughtful installations that bring naturescaping into your design are what’s on trend next season, including those that support local birds, insects and other wildlife native to your area.  

Let it Rain

rain-water-barrel-grounds-maintenance.jpgManaging rainwater and stormwater is increasingly becoming a priority, and a money-saving measure, for commercial Facility Managers. Rain barrels, rain gardens and catch basins are now ubiquitous features everywhere you look, and your current building tenants, as well as prospective ones, are taking notice of your efforts in this area.

Turn your landscape into part of the solution by reducing your total water usage and storm water runoff. This will help with your annual lawn care bill. You will be guaranteed a cost savings in the long term, while contributing to a healthier residential environment and improved irrigation design standards.

Say No to Toxins

Just as commercial properties are reducing water waste and showcasing native plants and flowers, so is the trend moving in the direction of less or no use of chemical landscape inputs. Consumers are more aware than ever about the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and hail the use of more organic products as we move into the future. Look carefully at your pest control needs and find a balance that integrates removal with putting less harmful materials into your land, water and community. Let our experts match you with commercial lawn care pricing that meets and exceeds your needs.

Stamp Out Boring

What is commercial landscaping? It’s not exactly new, but it’s not going anywhere either—stamped, custom shaped and colored concrete is a style everyone seems to want to display these days. It’s a hardscape option that gives sidewalks, entry ways and even foyers a classy look with easy cleanup and of course, the durability of concrete. You can even make the concrete match textures already present on your property to create some natural flow tenants will admire and appreciate.

Safer Pest Control

In the same way commercial properties are reducing water waste and using more native plants, landscape inputs are also being reduced, including chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Consider the use of more organic products and integrated pest management. This will provide your facility a sustainable, cost-effective approach to prevent or minimize pest infestations, and will help keep your property looking its best while putting less harsh chemicals into the landscape. 

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