Maintaining beautiful grounds year after year isn’t easy—it takes dedication, some experience, and a little forethought. To not only preserve but enhance the look and curb appeal of your property, one has to think ahead, not just in the current season, but always with an eye on the future. When you entrust year-round grounds maintenance duties to a professional outfit, they can keep your property looking fabulous, no matter what the seasons or unpredictable weather might bring.

With a total landscaping business on speed dial, you will receive quality routine care and the benefit of quick response times with the kind of special commitment to which year-round customers are treated.

Save Money in the Long Run

IMG_0936.jpgWhy leave your property unattended or neglected during the winter months only to have a much larger clean-up and refreshing job to do in the spring? Keeping on top of every aspect of the maintenance duties will, in effect, help you keep up better in general. That is, having professionals routinely checking on and providing upkeep, any problems or issues can be identified and dealt with sooner, and before they can get really out of hand, or really expensive!

Consider this: a terrible storm hits your area, and you suffer some significant property damage or have a dire need for cleanup with downed tree limbs, wind-torn hardscapes or worse obstructions or dangers. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to have a reliable, trustworthy team already on call for just these types of emergencies? And even better, a crew that knows your property’s ins and outs already, who could quickly, efficiently and carefully handle the problem.

Of course it would. That’s just another reason year-round maintenance help is the smartest, most cost-effective and prudent way to run your property management operations.

A Job for Every Season

Many people already think to hire a team when it’s time for spring and fall clean-ups, when yards and grounds tend to need it most. But to truly enhance the appeal and value of your property, a contractor under contract can be the key.  When you build a relationship over time with a provider company, they will be able to tailor a complete year-long maintenance program for you at a savings because you’ll be paying a consistent monthly price.

See the list below for a brief review of the types of season-specific tasks that together, will keep your property looking its very best 365 days of the year!


  • Debris removal and lawn de-thatching
  • Fertilize/spray weed control on lawns                        
    Apply fresh mulch to beds                       
  • Plant summer annuals for increased color                        
  • Prune dead parts of shrubbery and trees                        


  • Keep a regular lawn cutting schedule
  • Perform pest and weed control as needed                     
  • Professionally sweep parking lots or driveways and sidewalks
  • Trim bushes and shrubs                                    


  • Aerate lawns                       
  • Comprehensive leaf removal                       
  • Plant fall annuals                   
  • Prepare beds for winter, trim back perennials                        


  • Snow removal from lots, walks, driveways
  • Treat areas with salt for safe transportation
  • Winterize patios, benches, seating areas 

year-round landscape maintenance by season