You could have been managing grounds maintenance on your commercial site for years or maybe you’ve only been dealing with tidying up your exterior facility for only a few months. Whatever the length of time, you might be wondering whether outsourcing your facility maintenance is a better idea compared to in-house landscape management.

That’s certainly something you’d want to compare. First of all, the costs could be different from one option to the next. You might also be curious if it’s harder to manage your own team or if outsourcing could be simpler or whether you’d worry too much about having to oversee an outside crew and make sure things get done. You might be comparing the two and debating whether one is more efficient or delivers high-quality care than the other.

There are a variety of reasons commercial facility managers hire landscape professionals to manage their sites versus looking at overseeing indoor crews to do the work. When you want to save money on commercial property maintenance, that’s absolutely one of the key reasons for outsourcing.

Let’s discuss the top ways outsourced property maintenance can help you keep your budget in check and keep your property looking great at the same time.

Save Money on Commercial Property Maintenance With Outsourcing

Maybe you manage a healthcare facility, an educational institution, an office park, a retail center, an HOA, an industrial property, or multiple commercial facilities. Either way, you want to keep these sites looking good to preserve your positive brand image and community presence.

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But, on top of that, you also want to ensure you do the work within a budget.

Managing your commercial exterior with an inside crew might seem like the better option, but when your workers’ priorities are constantly torn between building interior and exterior maintenance issues, outdoor grounds maintenance usually takes a backseat, suffering unnecessary neglect.

Here are 4 major reasons outsourced property maintenance can decrease your costs.

1. Improved Focus on Safety and Security

Making sure your commercial property is always safe for guests and visitors is essential on your facility manager to-do list.

landscape maintenance crew prunes tree

Being negligent on safety can certainly cost your facility quite a bit, blowing your budget out of the water.

One of the benefits of outsourced property maintenance is that you have a team focused on your safety specifics in your exterior spaces all the time. If you need to take care of broken tree limbs after a storm, for instance, an outsourced team can quickly bring you the skills and resources you need to take care of these types of safety hazards before they become a bigger problem.

2. Consistent, Quality Maintenance

When it comes to exterior landscape maintenance, you need a trained team of experts focused on your needs. Particularly during the growing season, outdoor landscape maintenance can’t be ignored or you risk your landscape quickly looking like an overgrown mess.

lawn care expert fertilizes grass at commercial property

Outsourced grounds maintenance crews are trained on commercial landscape best practices so your lawn is mowed on time and trees and shrubs are properly trimmed to specifications that ensure optimum health and aesthetics every time.

They keep record of your preferences and provide their expertise as well to provide reliable, consistent, quality work. This saves you money by reducing rework and the necessity to train your own crew.

3. Reduction in Overhead Costs

When you manage a crew to take care of your outdoor maintenance, you must maintain employees and their benefits, as well as high-end equipment and its maintenance.

With employees, for instance, you have to cover insurance and worker’s compensation, as well as spend time and energy reviewing them, managing them, and putting them on the right path toward career growth. You also have to offer retirement plans, pay for and clean their uniforms, and provide other employment perks.

landscape maintenance crew talking outside near mower

With equipment, you must purchase, fuel, repair, and store each piece – everything from mowers to trimmers to blowers and snow removal machines. You must also properly store lawn care products and salt, as well as other essentials.

If the wrong tools are used to do the job or products aren’t stored properly, you can risk a poor job or a shabby looking landscape.

But when you bring in outsourced property maintenance, you don’t have any of these overhead costs to worry about, saving you time and dollars.

4. Additional Resources

Hiring today is hard. When you bring in a team of outsourced grounds maintenance professionals, you are gaining a whole group of additional help through this professional connection.

That means if you have last-minute events at your facility, you can get additional, quality, trained help preparing your site beforehand without having to try and find these workers yourself.

account manager and property manager walk on commercial property

These employees can become extensions of your own team when needed and ensure your space is clean and tidy when necessary. They can even handle additional tasks that you may not expect you need help with that may arise.

Maintaining a solid relationship with your outsourced grounds crew gives you more than just the services you’re paying for, and that assistance can be invaluable.

This also means there will be things you won’t have to micromanage or worry about at all hours of the day and night because you have a professional team focused on it for you.

When you transition from managing an inside crew versus outsourcing landscape work, you also gain people who can help you sell your equipment and transition your employees to new interior management roles. This removes additional stress for you as well.

There Are So Many Benefits of Outsourced Property Maintenance

You have a lot of options when it comes to managing the landscape on your commercial facility in Northeast Ohio.

However, you want to make the right decision for your facility and your budget. That’s why outsourced grounds maintenance could be the right solution for you. It can keep your property looking high-end, ensure work gets done when it needs to and doesn’t get forgotten, and bring an experienced team to your aid when you have extra work that needs accomplished.

As a facility manager, you want attention to detail and professional, efficient experts on your team. Outsourcing commercial landscaping can get these things for you.

As you’re trying to make your decision, you might find you have more questions that come up about resources and costs. Give Turfscape a call. We’d be happy to help you figure out your needs and discuss some ways we can help you save money and get a great looking property at the same time.

Want to learn more about outsourcing commercial landscape maintenance in Northeast Ohio? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can feel more confident in your decision and make a great choice for your team, your property, and the people who frequently visit it.

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