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Commercial Landscape Services for Every Season


Whether it is with a beautifully manicured landscape in the summer or a safe outdoor environment in the winter, Turfscape understands how important it is to have an environment that is beautiful and safe for employees, patients and visitors at your hospital or healthcare facility. With thousands of patients and visitors throughout the year, the appearance and safety precautions at your facility are crucial. Turfscape can relieve the lawn maintenance and commercial snow removal burden from you so you can concentrate on other aspects of your visitor’s experience.

Regardless of the season, Turfscape has the resources and work-force to report directly and concentrate solely on the outdoor grounds of your campus or facility. During the landscaping season, the ability to have a constant direct contact on your grounds is vital to maintaining a pristine, sustainable outdoor environment.

Our commercial landscape services include patrolling your property for debris, watering the investment of your delicate annuals and reporting any maintenance or safety issues that need to be addressed.

This is crucial during the challenging snow season that Northeast Ohio brings. Having a point of contact who you can entrust to maintain the sidewalks and entrances to your facility is indispensable. Turfscape delivers reliable, economical and sustainable commercial snow plowing area businesses have come to depend on all winter long.

We understand how important it is to have your expectations met. We will work closely with you to deliver commercial landscape services and snow removal on every detail of your outdoor grounds strategy while being cognizant of your budget. Experience the Turfscape difference by partnering with us to create beautiful and safe surroundings for your employees, patients and visitors year-round.

Summa Health Systems

Case Study: Summa Health System

Step into the transformative world of healthcare landscaping with Turfscape Ohio's  case study, spotlighting their collaboration with Summa Health. This  journey explores the intersection of nature and wellness, showcasing the significant impact thoughtful outdoor spaces can have on the healthcare experience. Learn about Turfscape's commitment to elevating Summa Health's surroundings, creating green havens that contribute to the well-being of patients, staff, and visitors alike. 

Summa Health System Case Study

"Turfscape Account Managers have been proactive and responsive to the various requests at our different locations. Overall the attention to detail and quality of work has been very good and Summa would recommend Turfscape as an outdoor grounds provider."
Construction ManagerSumma Health System