commercial landscape designThe commercial landscape design trends in 2018 included incorporating sustainable elements, reducing total water usage and stormwater runoff and showcasing native plants and flowers. As we wrap up the year and look forward to 2019, here are some of the main commercial landscape design themes you’ll see. All of these contribute to one common goal—giving your facility the landscape elements you need to give employees and visitors the best possible first impression.


Versatility will allow you to change up the appearance of your landscape whenever you want, in whatever creative way you choose. One way this can be done is through container landscaping, which allows you to change plants and flowers according to the season. Changes like these will help bring life to your landscape when it starts to become boring, along with allowing you to follow different trends as they begin to change.

Water Conservation

Consider drought-resistant plants: lavenders, rosemary and juniper are less dependent on water and will not need as much attention. Also, take advantage of the native plants that already grow in your area. These plants will require less upkeep, which will help to save money on water. When planting trees, install watering bags to reduce the amount of water waste when trying to establish new trees. Adding washed river gravel and natural boulders can also add visual interest to an area in place of plants to help reduce the need for water.

Vibrant Colors and Patterns

2018 has seen more of a push toward colors with landscape design and less toward the minimalist greenery of prior years. Think bright flowers like violet, verbena, canna, grape hyacinths, etc. Ultra Violet has been dubbed the 2018 Color of the Year, so keep purples in mind when planning.

Themed Gardens

Install a garden with a purpose. This can help properties bring attention to a specific area. Examples are plant pollinator gardens, native plant gardens and pink flowering plants for cancer awareness.

Updating Outdated Landscaping

If a property is trying to get the most bang for their buck, they should focus on areas that are highly visible. Entrance signs and main building entrances are the first impressions of a visitor to the property. Many of the properties that we maintain have been open to removing the plants that are at the end of their life expectancy and adding plants that will have a variety of interest throughout the year.

Dormant Pruning Existing Plants

When it is possible, we like to offer dormant pruning of the property’s existing plant material and incorporate that into the new design. When a plant is overall healthy but is just overgrown, it is more cost-effective to dormant prune and possibly relocate the plant instead of removing and planting new.

If you’re interested in incorporating any of these commercial landscape design trends into your property, contact us so we can start to discuss your vision.

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