Commercial Snow Removal Pricing.jpgWinters in Northeast Ohio can be harsh and unpredictable. To protect your company, it’s important to plan ahead and explore commercial snow removal rates before the end of the summer. If you plan early, seasonal snow removal pricing can be calculated into your annual budget.

When we receive a request for a snow removal bid, we ask questions. And then we ask more questions. Not only does this allow us to create a competitive bid, but it also assures you’re receiving a quote on the services you require at a cost-effective price.

How to Price Commercial Snow Plowing

Below are three factors that go into commercial snow removal rates::

1. Requirements

To be sure the bids are as accurate as possible, your prospective contractor should be asking these types of questions:

  • What are your operating hours?
    • (i.e., 24/7, open on holidays, open on Saturdays)
  • What trigger depth do you require?
    • (i.e., 2”, zero tolerance)
  • Do all sidewalks need to be shoveled?
    • i.e., some facilities manage sidewalks in-house
  • Do you require salt or calcium for deicing services?
    • i.e. calcium is more expensive but easier on new pavement

2. Accurate Takeoffs & Measurements

The key is to solicit snow removal bids early. Summer is ideal for prospective contractors, but even early fall is ahead of the game.

Getting your contract secured before the first snowfall of the year can help guarantee accurate measurements. This allows a physical site visit and in-the-field-measuring on any areas that are unclear via satellite imagery. If the property is covered with snow, it cannot be measured properly until the following spring.

Some contractors limit the amount of new snow removal work they accept each season. You might compromise service if you wait until the last minute to solicit bids. There will always be someone to service your commercial or industrial property, but it limits your options for choosing the best contractor for your customized requirements.

By planning and securing a snow contract early, it allows your snow contractor to allocate the appropriate equipment necessary to service your property (i.e., skid, loader with pusher box, 550 with a plow, epoke for salting, etc.).

3. Building Contract to Individual Property's Specifications

Now that the snow removal requirements of the property have been discussed and the property has been measured and/or visited, the contract needs to be built. With your input, the scope of work needs to be dialed in, which could include:

  • Seasonal vs. per-occurrence pricing
    • Seasonal: insurance policy knowing property is covered all winter
    • Per occurrence: if it ends up being a heavy snowfall winter, you might end up paying more overall or vice versa
  • Salt after every plow vs. upon request
  • Deicing with salt vs. calcium
  • Any other property-specific customization

Not having a snow contractor in place well before the first snowfall of the season can be detrimental to the safety and convenience of your employees and visitors. It’s never too early to secure a commercial snow removal contract. Contact us today to learn more about snow removal contract prices. We will help you find solutions to reduce your overall operating costs.

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