Water can be pretty powerful.

Even in small doses -- a rainstorm here or thunderstorm there -- water can take its sweet old time washing away soil in vulnerable areas on your Northeast Ohio commercial property.

This is erosion. And it can expose tree roots, damage building foundations, wash away plant beds, and alter grading on your property, which can negatively impact drainage in your landscape even further.

That’s a lot of stress -- for you and your budget.

Hiring an erosion control company can help prevent this from ruining your day. To avoid any further headaches, you just need to better understand erosion and what it can do to your property and know what to look for when hiring the right company to address these issues.

What is Erosion Control? 

First of all, let’s talk about what erosion is exactly. By definition, erosion is the detachment of soil, rock, or stone caused by water, wind, ice or even gravity.

Water is the biggest culprit of erosion in Northeast Ohio. In fact, Ohio receives an annual rainfall of 38 inches throughout the year -- right on par with the national average.

Several factors contribute to erosion, including excessive rain, poor drainage, lack of plant material, and the land characteristics themselves.

Erosion control companies can spot these problems and present you with solutions to keep your property safe.

Tell-Tale Signs of Erosion

Erosion isn’t always so easily highlighted on your commercial property. An experienced erosion control company pro with a trained eye can spot these signals:

  • Rainwater rushing down your commercial property’s paved areas instead of sinking slowly into soil.
  • Exposed tree roots.
  • Barren patches or bare soil areas in your lawn.
  • Gullies forming on your property’s slopes.
  • Splashes of mud or soil on windows and buildings.

Erosion Control Solutions

Persistent erosion can lead to many problems on your commercial property. And they always happen over time, so they can easily sneak up on you when you least expect it … and likely least want to deal with it.

Erosion control companies will suggest strategies that are very specific to your Northeast Ohio commercial property and its unique landscape. Here are a few common strategies they use.

Stabilize Slopes

A bare hillside is never a pretty sight after rain hits. Water rushes right down slopes, so they are key areas erosion control companies inspect when checking for problems on your site.

Landscaping slopes with plants and groundcovers that spread wide can slow the movement of water and soil. Adding a layer of mulch will help absorb water and also protect that soil from moving. Sometimes you’ll also see pros design these installations in a terraced fashion and use netting or fabric to help stabilize the soil until those plants are established.
Erosion control retaining wall with plantings
Installing grass can also be an effective technique on applicable areas for addressing erosion. The trick is using the right strategy to help the seed germinate before being washed away. Hydroseeding is a method of spraying on grass seed in a fashion that will help it take hold on a slope so it quickly provides full coverage.

Slow Water’s Movement

Any water moving on your property -- that includes rain, as well as irrigation -- should move slowly so the soil has a chance to absorb it.

Proper grading can help with water movement on your property.

For larger water issues that require directing water away from buildings, installing underground French drains may be helpful. This involves digging some trenches and installing pipe to guide water where you want it to go.

Erosion control companies may even suggest some more creative solutions like rain gardens or dry creek beds. These are typically for areas where turf isn’t performing well and water tends to naturally and repeatedly collect. A rain garden is an area made up of water-friendly plants that soak up extra moisture. A dry creek bed is made up of various sizes of rocks to create the illusion of a creek absorbing and collecting water and directing it where you want it to go.

For hardscape areas, using permeable materials like porous concrete, permeable pavers, and gravel systems can allow water to filter through hardscapes versus wash off.

crew installing patio to combat erosion issues

Choosing the Right Erosion Control Partner

When it’s time for you to choose an experienced professional to handle your property’s needs, doing your research and asking questions can help you find the best fit.

Making an informed decision means doing your homework.

Make sure to ask the erosion control companies you’re interviewing what specific experience they have in dealing with these problems. They should be able to clearly explain issues they’ve seen and clearly explain and detail multiple solutions.
Turfscape crew installing an erosion control wall
They should also be able to share customer testimonials with you so you can see how their commercial customers feel about their work when dealing with a problem like erosion that can not only appear over time, but also continue to change over time.

Prevent Soil Erosion With Turfscape

Notice some bare soil and water damage in your commercial landscape?

The first step in creating an effective action plan is calling for a consultation with an erosion control company. The right professional can spot current and potential erosion hotspots and provide immediate solutions so the problems don’t impact your time and budget.

We know you have a lot of facilities and operations issues on your plate. Don’t let erosion steal your attention away from more pressing matters. An erosion control professional who follows a proactive approach and knows what to look for to avoid problems and the resulting damages can eliminate your worries.

Want a more customized, proactive maintenance program for your Northeastern Ohio commercial property so erosion doesn't catch you off-guard? Turfscape can help. Request a proposal today. We’ll review your options together so you can make the best choice for your property.

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