Water has a way of taking over. 

Whether it’s from heavy rain or an irrigation system that has a sprinkler head that is leaking or broken, water will flow and travel on the easiest nearby path. If it has nowhere to go, it’ll collect.

While those pools of water might seem innocent now, when water collects, unfortunately all kinds of negative things can result that might not be conducive to business on your commercial property--from mosquito breeding to water damage in buildings to creating unsightly areas that lead to negative branding and reputation. 

In fact, if you notice regular areas of water pooling versus draining properly, you could be opening up your facility to a whole host of problems that can add frustration and additional cost to your already long facility maintenance to-do list.

Nobody wants that. 

Let’s talk about how to identify drainage issues on commercial properties in Ohio … and fix them before they add up. 

How Drainage Issues on Commercial Properties Can Impact You

After a steady rain, some areas of your Ohio commercial property might be telling you something important about your landscape.

Puddle in grass from drainage issue

If you notice lawn areas look more like ponds than grass or it takes ages for water to disappear and you have a soggy mess, you probably have some sort of drainage issue. And being proactive can save you thousands before drainage issues add up to bigger and more costly messes. 

Here are some bigger problems drainage issues on commercial properties can cause.

1. Root Rot, Dead Grass, Drowning Plants 

When water sits, nothing good can result. 

While the initial drink turf, trees and shrubs receive from water is good, if this water doesn’t drain, plant roots can begin to rot. Plants drown and grass dies. Water can literally go from helping a plant to suffocating it all because of drainage issues in Ohio.

Not to mention, sitting water can lead to mold or mildew buildup. 

2. Soil Compaction  

When weight is applied to soil, it compresses and becomes more dense. 

Commercial properties that experience heavy foot traffic experience this regularly. Sitting water only adds to this problem. 

Soil compaction develops and then reduces the ability for water to drain even further, amplifying the problem. On top of that, it’s very hard to mow excessively wet areas, so your turf can get ruined. Damage can become more extensive the more you don’t fix it. 

3. Mosquito Breeding 

Mosquitoes can breed in very little standing water. 

Drainage issues on commercial properties can quickly expand a small mosquito problem into a larger one. This isn’t good for anyone who works or visits your commercial property. It just creates an environment no one wants to linger in for very long. 

4. Building Damage  

Water is pretty powerful. If your landscape grading slopes toward your commercial building rather than away from it or if too much water sits too close to buildings, water can find a way in. This is especially true if it has nowhere else to go. Drainage issues can lead water to take its own path, which may not be the path you want. 

This can cause leaks and result in massive damage to building exteriors and interiors. Damage can not only happen to buildings themselves but also anything inside those buildings, such as inventory. 

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How to Fix Drainage Issues on Your Commercial Property

Now that you know what drainage issues in Ohio can do to your commercial property, it’s time to take some next steps. 

Fixing drainage problems when you first notice them is essential to saving your budget and controlling a situation that can easily get out of hand. 

Here are a few ways drainage challenges can be solved and, most importantly, eliminated from your worry list.  

1. Fixing Grading 

If your ground isn’t graded properly, bringing water toward your buildings and not away from them, that can cause drainage issues on your commercial property. That’s why it’s step number one as a potential fix. 

Remember, water will move on the easiest path; it doesn’t fight uphill battles. Regrading an area to move water where you want it to go can eliminate puddling and any resulting damage. 

2. Irrigation System Check & Repairs 

Sometimes, broken irrigation heads can cause water to pool in spots. 

irrigation system head on commercial property

Having your landscape professional conduct irrigation audits or inspections regularly can prevent these problems so you’re ahead of any resulting water damage and incurring unnecessary water usage costs over time.

Fixing the irrigation head or zone where the problem is occurring is an easy drainage solution that can get you back to business pretty quickly. 

3. French Drains  

For larger water issues that require directing water away from buildings, installing underground drains may be helpful. 

This is a drainage solution that usually involves digging some trenches and installing pipe to guide water where you want it to go. 

4. Dry Creek Beds 

There are also more creative drainage solutions like rain gardens or dry creek beds. These are typically for areas where turf isn’t performing well and water tends to naturally and repeatedly collect. 

A rain garden is an area made up of water-friendly plants that can soak up that extra moisture. A dry creek bed is made up of various sizes of rocks to create the illusion of a creek absorbing and collecting water and directing it down the “stream.” 

5. Turf Repair and Reseeding

If water pooling up over and over again has damaged turf, and the drainage issue on your commercial property has been solved with grading or by fixing the irrigation system, you may need to renovate the surrounding turf

Prepping the area and reseeding can help fill in these areas and bring your turf back to life almost as if you never had a problem in the first place. 

Take Care of Your Drainage Issues For Good 

Drainage issues in Ohio can add up. They are easy to avoid if you stay ahead of them. 

Your landscape professional can keep an eye on these challenges as they maintain your property, alerting you to any problems they find so the costs don’t add up and don’t become a burden on your time and budget. 

We know you have a lot of facilities and operations issues that require your attention. Keep drainage off your to-do list by choosing a landscape professional who follows a proactive approach and knows what to look for to avoid problems and the resulting damages. 

Want a more customized, proactive maintenance program for your Northeastern Ohio commercial property so drainage issues don’t catch you by surprise? Turfscape can help. Request a proposal today. We’ll review your options together so you can make the best choice for your property.

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