You might think of curb appeal as something that only applies to residential homes, but that’s not the case. Curb appeal is crucial for commercial properties as well.

A well-maintained and attractive property landscape can do so much. It can increase rental rates at multifamily sites by 7%, a University of Washington economics study says. And another study by Science Direct said 68% of people felt their decision to rent or buy at an HOA or multifamily property was directly influenced by a property’s landscape design.

When it comes to retail facilities, studies have proven that greenery and flowers attract shoppers and that consumers would be willing to pay a 12% premium for goods purchased in retail establishments that have quality landscaping.

At schools, studies have shown green spaces enable them to think more clearly. Doctors have shown that people recover faster in healthcare facilities when given landscape views, rather than seeing only the walls of adjoining buildings. Plants also lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension related to stress, improve attention and reduce feelings of fear and anger or aggression in patients.

And for office parks, a Texas A&M Agriculture and Life Sciences Center study says plants promote concentration and memory for employees, as well as accuracy.

As you look at your commercial facility, you might start to wonder how its curb appeal is looking. If it looks a bit rough around the edges, sprucing it up could make a world of difference in your building’s community perception, brand awareness, and overall commercial curb appeal.

Let’s talk about some ways you can conduct a property boost and give your facility the landscape makeover it needs to work better for you.

6 Ways to Increase Commercial Property Curb Appeal

When you have a commercial facility, you want to take every opportunity to maximize curb appeal property management.

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When done right, your landscaping can capture the right attention and turn heads. Maintaining your property year-round so that it remains tidy and safe can ensure you set yourself apart from other similar commercial properties.

Here are 6 ways you can make your commercial property look polished and pristine.

1. Embrace Quality Landscape Maintenance

Keeping your property tidy is a simple and big part of commercial curb appeal.

landscape maintenance team mows lawn near high school sign

A professional grounds maintenance program with proper fertilization, pruning, mowing, bed maintenance, bed edging, spring and fall clean-ups, and mulching is important.

Maintaining a clean, polished look keeps weeds at bay, flower beds clean and edges sharp during the growing season, and it keeps plants and walkways cleaned up come autumn when leaves are falling.

2. Target Focal Points

Focal points – or places that are very visible on your commercial property – are prime places to start targeting commercial property curb appeal.

Focal points include entrances, signage, walkways, street-facing sides of buildings, entryways from parking lots, and near facility doorways.

HOA sign with neat landscape

Your entryways, for instance, are the gateways to your commercial facility. People come and go through there everyday.

To keep these areas in tiptop shape, you want to trim trees and shrubs so signage is readable and entryways are visible. Adding bountiful and beautiful blooms in containers can bring brightness and elegance.

When installing plants near focal points use a layered look to draw eyes in. This means beginning with groundcovers in front and moving back with perennials and then medium-sized shrubs to taller shrubs, ornamental grasses, and trees in the back. Low-growing, bold annuals in front of signs mixed with tall shrubs behind them can also boost your property’s curb appeal. In your landscape beds, you want to embrace a nice blend of perennials and annuals for year-round interest and appeal.

Annual mulch applications can also help reduce weeds and add additional tidiness and visual impact.

3. Evaluate Your Current Landscape

As you look at your current landscape, you might notice some rough or neglected areas. This is because no landscape once planted can stay perfectly sized and arranged. Trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals grow. As they change and adapt to their new homes, they need care and some attention.

customer and landscape expert inspect property

An instant way to get a property boost is to replace plants or shrubs that are outdated or dying to keep your facility looking its best. Then, build around healthy plants that look good to up your community first impressions.

4. Add a Pop of Color

Seasonal color can refresh the vibrancy in your commercial landscape and enhance commercial property curb appeal.

Color adds a wow factor. Try adding annual flower rotations for a curb appeal boost in highly visible areas, such as entrances, near signage, and around outdoor seating spots where people hang out.

commercial landscape team plants mums

Then draw new eyeballs each season by changing your annuals to adapt to temperature changes and continue beautiful blooms. In spring, that could mean tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, pansies, and violas. And in autumn, flowers like mums, kale, ornamental cabbage, ornamental peppers, purple fountain grass, and sweet potato vines can add texture and impact.

5. Think Long-Term With Commercial Landscape Planning

When you make your plans for enhancing commercial curb appeal, you have to think long-term. For instance, when you choose plants and trees that are native to Northeast Ohio, you are opting for those that work best in this environment. And that’s great long-term planning because those plants will last longer and retain maximum health because they are growing in optimum conditions.

Choosing the right plants from the beginning also saves you money later by reducing the need for replacements.

customer and manager meet in front of landscaping

Having a long-term plan is crucial because you don’t want to just dabble in half-hearted landscape care or else your commercial landscape will reflect that so-so look.

You want to spend your dollars wisely. Having a professional commercial landscape firm help plan your site design and strategy can ensure this process runs smoothly. A company that does this everyday can bring creative ideas for curb appeal to you, helping you choose the best plants, address any challenges on your property, and keep all of the work within your budget. Looking at future seasons, and not just the current season, can help you work toward goals in a more reasonable fashion.

6. Incorporate Outdoor Amenity Areas

Most commercial properties draw people in. As such, adding some outdoor areas where employees, guests, and visitors can enjoy nature and some fresh air can be a great way to increase commercial curb appeal.

outdoor seating area at kent state

Remember to choose furniture material that can withstand the elements, such as wood, plastic, or painted metal since some materials like shinier metals will be too hot or too cold, depending on the time of year they are being used.

Get a Commercial Property Curb Appeal Boost with Turfscape

Perking up your Northeast Ohio commercial facility landscape can certainly enhance its value and attractiveness to the local community.

Reinventing your commercial landscape can bring just the right amount of property boost to elevate your curb appeal, which does so much for your brand identity, but also helps draw people in and keep them coming back, giving your business more positive momentum as well.

As you look at all these curb appeal-enhancing ideas and also look at your property’s current state, the process of taking a step forward to make some positive changes can seem daunting. What do you do first? And what types of changes would make the biggest differences?

If you find yourself not sure where to start, give Turfscape a call. We have years of experience helping commercial businesses just like yours amp up their curb appeal. We can assess your current landscape and target some key areas for improvement and provide a maintenance plan to keep your site looking great throughout the year – all while factoring in your budget and goals.

Want to learn more about how we can help you amplify your commercial landscape design and maintenance in Northeast Ohio? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can feel confident and make a great choice to improve your overall curb appeal.


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