Feeling like your Northeast Ohio commercial landscape is a little stale? Maybe it’s time for a reinvention.

You can’t deny your landscape can add significant value to your commercial business in so many ways. Attracting new customers and amplifying your community reputation and presence are two of them.

Creating stunning, inviting commercial landscapes is the best way to get these perks. Having modern, eye-catching landscaping can impress anyone who comes to your property.

Perhaps you have owned or managed your commercial property for years or you just obtained it. In either case, it may need some sprucing up.

Let’s talk about landscape ideas for commercial buildings so you can get the makeover you need to elevate your site.

Why Landscape Reinvention Is Important for Commercial Properties

You might think your commercial landscape is all about showing off your preference for various perennials and annuals in your landscape.

That’s not the case at all. Commercial landscaping, which includes those colorful blooms, as well as trees, shrubs, hardscapes, and other outdoor amenities, is one of the most significant contributors to your curb appeal.

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As potential customers, employees, tenants and visitors come to your commercial property, your landscaping will communicate your care for your property and everyone who ventures into it. It shows you want them to have a good experience that is safe and flows well.

Landscape for commercial buildings is something that speaks beyond the flowers, showcasing your dedication to your facility’s needs and impact on the local community.

7 Reinvention Landscape Ideas for Commercial Buildings

There’s no better way to polish up your commercial site than with fresh landscape ideas for commercial buildings.

Here are our top project recommendations for commercial property facility managers looking to spruce up their exteriors.

1. Replace Or Fix Outdated Landscaping

No landscape can stay perfectly planted and arranged forever. The reason trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals add beauty to your commercial property is because they grow and change and adapt. They emerge in greens and blossom with bright colors, and then transition in fall to deeper, richer hues.

landscape crew digging hole to plant tree

But they also grow. Without some TLC or if as plants around them grow or change, their conditions change, plants can lose vigor or just become overgrown and messy.

That’s where pulling up or replacing old, dead, or sparse plants becomes a key landscape idea for commercial buildings. After time, inspecting current beds and removing landscaping that’s seen much better days can help you figure out what you have to work with and where you have holes and need some updated plants.

2. Have a Plan

Just attacking your commercial building landscape here or there and willy-nilly may be addressing a problem temporarily but doesn’t necessarily go toward a bigger goal or vision.

Hiring a professional commercial landscape firm to assist you with planning out your site design and strategy can make this process simpler for you. A company with creative ideas can add a bit more color and texture to your landscape or enhance your signage in ways you may not have considered.

landscape crew and property manager meet in front of sign

They can also help you choose the best trees, shrubs, and flowers for your area and site conditions, as well as address problems like drainage and erosion, without breaking your budget. Budgeting out for multiple seasons can make it easier on you while still working to achieve your overall goals.

A plan can also help larger commercial facilities have a plant palette that a professional designer can create as a base and guide so the look across the property is consistent no matter how many times the landscape changes.

3. Accentuate Focal Points

Depending on the type of commercial property you manage, you may want to draw more attention to different areas.

For instance, a retail center may want more color and vibrancy near signage areas and around ground-floor shops. A hotel may want to draw focus and attention to their lobby areas, as well as outdoor tables or pool.

sign with hardscape and plantings

The right landscape for commercial buildings can guide people in the direction you want them to go and draw their eyes to particular areas of your property.

Your goal is to focus on areas that can make maximum impact. Places that are used most frequently, such as driveways, signage, walkways, and entrances, tend to be the most important ones.

4. Think About The Impact Your Commercial Building Landscape Will Have

At a commercial property, it is important to think about how landscape improvements will affect the people who visit the property. Will it make their life easier, provide a safer environment

Commercial landscapes and people interact in many different ways and so it’s important to design and plant with people in mind: how will different areas look from different perspectives? What will people see when they first drive into the parking lot, walk on the sidewalk, and look out windows?

5. Seasonal Color

Flowers aren’t just for one season as part of your commercial building landscape. You can have seasonal color all year long, changing things up as the weather changes in Northeast Ohio.

seasonal plantings in front of high school

You can have the first color in spring with bulbs like tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, pansies, and violas. And in the fall, flowers like mums, kale, ornamental cabbage, ornamental peppers, purple fountain grass, and sweet potato vines can add texture and impact to your containers.

Seasonal color is a great addition for entryways to draw the eyes in, as well as around signage to boost brand recognition. Areas where people hang out – outdoor break and lunch spots, walkways, etc. – can also get a dose of some vibrant color to keep the area interesting and engaging.

6. Embrace Hardscaping As Well As Softscaping

Hardscaping, which includes all nonliving elements in the landscape like patios, pergolas, walkways, benches, bricks, stones, rocks, boulders, gravel, wood, and lighting, can also be key components of landscape for commercial buildings.

landscape installation team lays brick walkway

Paver patios and walkways can complement other areas of your property while providing key spots for function and guidance. Hardscapes like retaining walls can control erosion and create tidy landscape beds while also looking beautiful.

7. Keep Maintenance In Mind

You don’t want to waste budget dollars and effort putting in new landscaping if you’re not going to take care of it. In fact, the most important element in your commercial building landscape is to keep your property looking top-notch at all times.

Weekly maintenance is important year-round, whether clearing out dead plants or cleaning benches and walkways.

landscape maintenance team mows lawn near homes

Another key point of maintenance is to choose plants that fit into your environment and its conditions. Plants that can’t adapt easily to their surroundings will cost a lot more, in the long run, to maintain or replace.

Get a Commercial Building Landscape Boost with Turfscape

Reinventing or renovating your commercial building landscape is an effort that is well worth it, considering what it does for your business.

It can help visitors more easily find your property. It can boost brand recognition and your reputation in your local community. It can elevate the perception of your business in your area. It can show everyone on your site that you care about your business.

While the benefits far outweigh the effort, reinventing your commercial landscape can also feel a bit overwhelming. Even with the best intentions, you don’t want to do anything that might accidentally detract from your business or property. You want to focus on just the right amount of impact that can offer the best return on your investment.

Let Turfscape help. We’d be happy to review your brand image, goals, and concerns, and come up with some great ways to reinvent your commercial property landscape, helping you meet your short- and long-term goals within your budget.

Want to learn more about how we can help you amplify your commercial landscape design and maintenance in Northeast Ohio? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can feel confident and make a great choice.

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