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COVID-19 & Commercial Grounds Maintenance

The grass isn’t going to stop growing due to the current pandemic.  Therefore landscape professionals have been declared essential and are able to continue working.  With safety being the primary focus of all our operational procedures and after much careful and thorough research, Turfscape has determined that taking the following precautions will help keep help our employees and customers safe during these unprecedented times.  


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Culture at Grounds Maintenance Companies Happens by Design or Default

Since 1988, the culture at Turfscape has been cultivated and nurtured.



A Goal Without a Plan is Just a "Wish"

Do you make goals… or do you make wishes? 

If you do make goals, how do you measure your progress in attaining those goals?

Are you able to hold yourself accountable or are you good at justifying and coming up with reasons why the goals are not met? I'm guessing most people make more “wishes” than set good "SMART" goals.

There is acronym out there about goals – you may have heard it and currently use it.



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