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Careers in the Green Industry

At some point working in the landscaping industry developed the negative connotation of being a dead end job.  This mindset couldn't be further from the truth, and working for a professional landscaping company can be a very rewarding career choice for anyone.

In fact, landscaping is a very large industry accounting for $98 billion in yearly revenue, according to over a million of individuals working in the green industry, it has to be more than just a dead end job.  Here are a few reasons why working in the green can be a beneficial career.  

It's a business

Just like any business, a landscaping company still needs all of the functions that any other business would. 

  • Sales & Marketing:  There is a service that needs to be sold, therefore sales and marketing are an essential component. 
  • Estimating:  All landscaping contracts and projects needs to be measured and bid in order to provide a competitive proposal.  
  • Human Resources:  There needs to be hardworking and talented individuals to perform grounds maintenance, snow removal, and instal beautiful landscapes.  Therefore a strong HR department is important to recruit these talented landscapers.
  • Finance:  Budgets need to be prepared, assets needs to be depreciated, bills need to be paid, and invoices need to be sent out.  
  • Operations Management: Services such as grounds maintenance, landscape installs, & fertilization needs to be planned and scheduled, so companies need a strong operations management team.  
  • Account Management:  Customers need someone to nourish the relationship, and handle any concerns or complaints.  Contracts need to be renewed.  
  • Landscape Design & Architecture:  Landscape installs need to be planned out and designed.  

No Experience Required 

Most landscaping companies will hire someone with no experience in the industry.  At Turfscape we focus on hiring for personality and training for skill set.  A commercial landscaping company like Turfscape will invest a lot of time and effort into training and education so anyone with an interest in working outdoors can learn a productive skill set.  

Advancement Opportunities

Whenever a mid to higher level management position opens up, Turfscape will always try to promote from within.  Doing so allows the company to provide career advancement opportunities to their team and gives them something to work toward.  It also creates a competitive environment that drives production and high performers can be rewarded by advancement.  Promoting from within is also beneficial to the company because they can develop their employees so they are ready to take on the challenge of management.  

Fun Work Environment

Working outdoors with a crew of landscapers that you enjoy working, and joking around with can be a lot of fun.  At Turfscape, we believe in this concept so much that one of our core values is, "Have Fun At Work".  The company cookout, Christmas party, or friendly competition goes a long way in developing a fun work environment.  

When the people you work with are your most valuable asset as they are in a commercial grounds maintenance company like Turfscape, it only makes sense to invest in hiring and developing the best.  That is why at Turfscape, our Human Resources team has the motto of, "WE ARE ALWAYS HIRING THE RIGHT PEOPLE".  If you or someone you know might be interested in a landscaping career please Contact Turfscape for Employment




Commercial Landscaping, Leadership

The Lean Landscaper

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a book called "2 Second Lean" by Paul Akers.  This book, which is a very easy and fun read, has changed the way we operate here at Turfscape.  Paul Akers takes the extremely complicated concept of "lean manufacturing" and breaks it down into a simplified version that can easily be implemented into any business.  The idea of lean was originated in the auto industry with “TPS”, or Toyota Production System and has gained lots of traction in the manufacturing arena.  However lean can also be applied to a service business such as a commercial grounds maintenance company like Turfscape. 


Commercial Landscaping, Leadership

COVID-19 & Commercial Grounds Maintenance

The grass isn’t going to stop growing due to the current pandemic.  Therefore landscape professionals have been declared essential and are able to continue working.  With safety being the primary focus of all our operational procedures and after much careful and thorough research, Turfscape has determined that taking the following precautions will help keep help our employees and customers safe during these unprecedented times.  


Commercial Landscaping, Leadership

Culture at Grounds Maintenance Companies Happens by Design or Default

Since 1988, the culture at Turfscape has been cultivated and nurtured.



A Goal Without a Plan is Just a "Wish"

Do you make goals… or do you make wishes? 

If you do make goals, how do you measure your progress in attaining those goals?

Are you able to hold yourself accountable or are you good at justifying and coming up with reasons why the goals are not met? I'm guessing most people make more “wishes” than set good "SMART" goals.

There is acronym out there about goals – you may have heard it and currently use it.



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