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A Behind The Scenes Look at Our Vehicles & Equipment (And Why Property Managers Should Care)

When you run a commercial landscape business like Turfscape, you tend to acquire quite a large fleet of vehicles and equipment along the way.

But it’s not the size of the fleet that matters, but how you use it and take care of it.


Commercial Landscaping, Commercial Snow Removal, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscaping Services For Fulfillment Centers, Warehouses and Other Industrial Properties in Northeast Ohio

Industrial properties, fulfillment centers, and warehouses in Northeast Ohio are busy places.

Employees, customers, and equipment are constantly moving at these long, low buildings with expansive parking lots and hectic loading docks. But these repetitive comings and goings are what drives the success of these businesses.

On consistently bustling sites like these, how hard can installing and maintaining plants be? Stick them in the ground, water them, and watch them grow, right?

Well, there’s actually a bit more to it.


Commercial Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

4 Outdoor Classroom Ideas For Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Learning is happening all around us.

Ohio has more than 4,500 schools, including public, non-public, charter, and STEM schools. More than 1.6 million students are enrolled in these schools. And 56% of graduating Ohio seniors enroll in two- or four-year colleges or universities after high school to continue their education. That’s a lot of knowledge being absorbed in just our state.


Commercial Landscaping, Campus Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Enhancements, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

The Pros and Cons of Signing a Long-Term Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract

When you’re looking for a commercial landscape maintenance partner, you hope that you’ll find someone you can work with for the long-haul.

You want to find a company you can trust that won’t disappoint you. You want the best price. You want a top-quality service. You don’t want headaches. You want to know things are going to get done when they need to and that you won’t have to micromanage something you hired a professional to handle.


Commercial Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Erosion Control Solutions in Northeast Ohio (Effectiveness, Hiring a Company & Other Considerations)

Water can be pretty powerful.

Even in small doses -- a rainstorm here or thunderstorm there -- water can take its sweet old time washing away soil in vulnerable areas on your Northeast Ohio commercial property.

This is erosion. And it can expose tree roots, damage building foundations, wash away plant beds, and alter grading on your property, which can negatively impact drainage in your landscape even further.


Commercial Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

The 20 Best Plants for Northeast Ohio Healthcare Facilities

Traffic in and out of a Northeast Ohio hospital or healthcare facility on a daily basis is hectic and constant.

Think about it: Doctor’s appointments, tests, exams, emergency room visits -- and then all the employees and medical professionals who check patients in and out, as well as deliver those services.

In fact, according to the American Hospital Association, there were roughly more than 36 million admissions to more than 6,100 U.S hospitals in 2018. That’s a large number of people every day in just admissions.

And not many of those people who are going about their busy days realize all the attention to detail and organization it takes from a facilities management perspective to keep this experience smooth and stress-free.


Property Enhancements, Commercial Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Enhancements, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Questions Hospitals and Healthcare Systems Should Be Asking Landscape Service Providers

Do you look around and see beds full of weeds and overgrown shrubs at your healthcare facility?

Has your commercial landscaping service underperformed? Do you feel ignored or that they don’t communicate well with you? Maybe you keep making lists of things you want done on your property but you have absolutely no time to address them. Not to mention, you thought these headaches were taken care of.


Commercial Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

3 Landscaping Cost Impacting Factors for Colleges and Universities in Northeast Ohio

A well-maintained college campus with aesthetically pleasing pops of landscape color does more than you can imagine to boost a university’s student appeal.

On top of attracting more students to your educational institution, boosting enrollment numbers, professionally cared for landscapes can improve student grades, enhance campus safety, and be an important part of your branding and reputation.


Property Enhancements, Campus Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

How to Identify and Fix Drainage Issues on Commercial Properties

Water has a way of taking over. 

Whether it’s from heavy rain or an irrigation system that has a sprinkler head that is leaking or broken, water will flow and travel on the easiest nearby path. If it has nowhere to go, it’ll collect.


Commercial Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

The 10 Most Common Landscaping Problems on College Campuses

A college or university campus with its rolling hills, shade trees, vast turf expanses, and gathering nooks surrounded by educational buildings is a special environment. Students get to soak in the sights while they expand their educational horizon.


Commercial Landscaping, Campus Landscaping, Commercial Landscape Enhancements, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

4 Ways Landscaping Impacts Student Enrollment at Colleges & Universities

What draws students and their parents toward choosing the right college and university that meets all of their needs?


Commercial Landscape Enhancements, Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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