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The Best Lawn Maintenance Program for Weed Control & Fertilization


Turfscape’s fertilizer and weed control program consists of four to six applications, depending on individual property requirements. 

Our lawn care experts are professionally trained and licensed company employees.


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Winter Landscaping Services That Don’t Include Plowing Snow

Snow removal is one of the most popular winter services for landscapers. They anticipate snowfall and jump at the first flake to plow and shovel. When the snow is on hiatus, however, they have a lot of downtime. This is when you should talk to your landscaping company about planning the landscape designs for your property for spring.


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Commercial Snow Plowing Rates: What to Expect

Winters in Northeast Ohio can be harsh and unpredictable. To protect your company, it’s important to plan ahead and explore commercial snow removal rates before the end of the summer. If you plan early, seasonal snow removal pricing can be calculated into your annual budget.


Commercial Snow Removal

Sustainable Landscape Design Services in Northeast Ohio

Looking to reduce your property’s environmental footprint?

One way to do that is through sustainable landscaping. Sustainable landscaping is the practice of using strategic methods to offset negative environmental impacts such as stormwater runoff, soil erosion and sedimentation.


Top 7 Commercial Landscaping Services for Spring

Spring has sprung!

Is your property ready?

Cleaning up your property for spring is no small undertaking. Muddy grounds, salt residue and other remnants of winter are an eyesore and can seem overwhelming when deciding where to begin your spring cleanup.


Commercial Landscaping

Spring Is Coming: Commercial Landscape Cleanup Services

As we make it through the gloomy gray clouds of winter, most of us can’t help but wish for spring’s arrival. When the back-to-back days of bright blue skies arrive, along with the first signs of spring flowers, we get excited for great weather and all the things that relate to spring. As for landscapers and property managers, this is when our season really begins to ramp up. In this blog, I will explain the process and details of the first landscape cleanup services that landscapers call spring clean-up.


Commercial Landscaping

The Top Landscape Maintenance Services for Schools

Spring is in the air in Northeast Ohio (well, some days at least), and with the sun shining and warmer temperatures, students, faculty and visitors are going to be roaming your campus more often, and your landscape is one of the first things they’ll notice. Seeing muddy grounds, salt residue and other remnants of the winter season can seem overwhelming when deciding where to start your spring cleanup. When you partner with a commercial grounds maintenance company in Northeast Ohio, they can take care of the landscape maintenance services for you. At Turfscape, we focus on the following landscape maintenance services for schools.


Campus Landscaping

How Road Salt Shortage Price Increases Could Impact This Winter

Winter is coming! Road salt, however, is not. At least not in numbers we’re accustomed to seeing.

A labor strike at the Compass Minerals mine in Goderich, Ontario, the world’s largest salt supplier, as well as contractual obligations to municipalities, has led to a shortage of salt for snow and ice removal this season. As a result, salt distributors are scrambling to find supply from all over the world.


The Importance of Summer Containers on Your Commercial Property

Though hard to believe in the Northeast Ohio area, summer is in fact just around the corner, which means it’s time for commercial landscaping companies to plant summer annuals.


Property Enhancements, Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Snow Removal…A Necessity in Northeast Ohio Again!

After two winters of low snowfall, the snow machine has returned to the Cleveland/Akron, Ohio area. Turfscape has been working hard at snow and ice management for over a month. Now I remember what snow is about. Here are some observations to share:


Five Commercial Landscaping Improvements to Make in Winter

The cooler Northeast Ohio winter months should not mean a break for your commercial property maintenance. Although the temperatures are lower, and your plant growth slows down, there are many opportunities for maintenance that can allow your plants to thrive in the spring and summer. 


Grounds Maintenance Calendar: The Top Service To Be Performed by Month

Managing the landscape at a commercial property, a homeowner's association or a college campus requires a lot of planning to get the look just right.


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