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Landscape management and snow removal tips for commercial properties

Considerations for Bidding Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Bidding commercial landscape maintenance services can be a very difficult process, especially when dealing with a larger property. As a landscape contractor, we want to make sure our bid is competitive and that we quote the job properly in order to have the resources needed to provide the level of service expected.

The Best Lawn Maintenance Program for Weed Control & Fertilization


Turfscape’s fertilizer and weed control program consists of four to six applications, depending on individual property requirements. 

Our lawn care experts are professionally trained and licensed company employees.

Winter Landscaping Services That Don’t Include Plowing Snow

Snow removal is one of the most popular winter services for landscapers. They anticipate snowfall and jump at the first flake to plow and shovel. When the snow is on hiatus, however, they have a lot of downtime. This is when you should talk to your landscaping company about planning the landscape designs for your property for spring.

Commercial Snow Plowing Rates: What to Expect

Winters in Northeast Ohio can be harsh and unpredictable. To protect your company, it’s important to plan ahead and explore commercial snow removal rates before the end of the summer. If you plan early, seasonal snow removal pricing can be calculated into your annual budget.

Sustainable Landscape Design Services in Northeast Ohio

Looking to reduce your property’s environmental footprint?

One way to do that is through sustainable landscaping. Sustainable landscaping is the practice of using strategic methods to offset negative environmental impacts such as stormwater runoff, soil erosion and sedimentation.

Top 7 Commercial Landscaping Services for Spring

Spring has sprung!

Is your property ready?

Cleaning up your property for spring is no small undertaking. Muddy grounds, salt residue and other remnants of winter are an eyesore and can seem overwhelming when deciding where to begin your spring cleanup.

Spring Is Coming: Commercial Landscape Cleanup Services

As we make it through the gloomy gray clouds of winter, most of us can’t help but wish for spring’s arrival. When the back-to-back days of bright blue skies arrive, along with the first signs of spring flowers, we get excited for great weather and all the things that relate to spring. As for landscapers and property managers, this is when our season really begins to ramp up. In this blog, I will explain the process and details of the first landscape cleanup services that landscapers call spring clean-up.

The Top Landscape Maintenance Services for Schools

Spring is in the air in Northeast Ohio (well, some days at least), and with the sun shining and warmer temperatures, students, faculty and visitors are going to be roaming your campus more often, and your landscape is one of the first things they’ll notice. Seeing muddy grounds, salt residue and other remnants of the winter season can seem overwhelming when deciding where to start your spring cleanup. When you partner with a commercial grounds maintenance company in Northeast Ohio, they can take care of the landscape maintenance services for you. At Turfscape, we focus on the following landscape maintenance services for schools.

Commercial Landscape Design Trends for 2019

The commercial landscape design trends in 2018 included incorporating sustainable elements, reducing total water usage and stormwater runoff and showcasing native plants and flowers. As we wrap up the year and look forward to 2019, here are some of the main commercial landscape design themes you’ll see. All of these contribute to one common goal—giving your facility the landscape elements you need to give employees and visitors the best possible first impression.

How Road Salt Shortage Price Increases Could Impact This Winter

Winter is coming! Road salt, however, is not. At least not in numbers we’re accustomed to seeing.

A labor strike at the Compass Minerals mine in Goderich, Ontario, the world’s largest salt supplier, as well as contractual obligations to municipalities, has led to a shortage of salt for snow and ice removal this season. As a result, salt distributors are scrambling to find supply from all over the world.

The Importance of Summer Containers on Your Commercial Property

Though hard to believe in the Northeast Ohio area, summer is in fact just around the corner, which means it’s time for commercial landscaping companies to plant summer annuals.

Commercial Snow Removal…A Necessity in Northeast Ohio Again!

After two winters of low snowfall, the snow machine has returned to the Cleveland/Akron, Ohio area. Turfscape has been working hard at snow and ice management for over a month. Now I remember what snow is about. Here are some observations to share:

Five Commercial Landscaping Improvements to Make in Winter

The cooler Northeast Ohio winter months should not mean a break for your commercial property maintenance. Although the temperatures are lower, and your plant growth slows down, there are many opportunities for maintenance that can allow your plants to thrive in the spring and summer. 

Grounds Maintenance Calendar: The Top Service To Be Performed by Month

Managing the landscape at a commercial property, a homeowner's association or a college campus requires a lot of planning to get the look just right.

Essential Landscape Management Services for Commercial Properties

Northeast Ohioans are lucky that we get to experience all four seasons.

What to Consider When Evaluating Grounds Maintenance Companies

The criteria that commercial landscaping companies use to assess their work and employees comes as second nature to them.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Predictions and Trends for 2018

As a commercial Facility Manager, you’re likely finalizing your budget for 2018 and looking ahead to next year.

Why You Should Outsource Your Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services

Making the decision to outsource your current in-house grounds maintenance crew can be difficult, especially if they have worked on your property for several years.

Culture at Grounds Maintenance Companies Happens by Design or Default

Since 1988, the culture at Turfscape has been cultivated and nurtured.

7 Ways Landscape Companies Can Reduce Your Property's Carbon Footprint

The industrial and digital revolutions have been great for humankind. But they have come at a cost: our collective carbon footprint.

How Property Managers Can Gel With Their Landscape Management Company

It has been said, "The definition of conflict, is two people in the same county."

Commercial Snow Removal Mistakes You Could Be Making

You are a facility manager at a place of business (it could be a school, a manufacturer, or a hospital). It’s about to snow and you wonder again, “Why didn’t I outsource this to someone more qualified?”.

How To Bid Commercial Snow Removal

As a property manager of a commercial building, or multiple buildings, you have the heavy burden of selecting a snow removal contractor. Your responsibility is to stay within budget but ensure the property will be serviced to your, or your tenant’s, specifications.

Commercial Landscape Tip: Pre-Emergent Weed Control for Landscape Beds

Weeds are one of the most unsightly and toughest things to get rid of in a landscape. The key, like many things in lawn maintenance, is to prevent them before they happen.

7 Fall Preparation Tips for Commercial Properties in Northeast Ohio

As summer winds down, many people in Northeast Ohio look forward to the fall season. For commercial property managers, fall is the time to help the lawns you manage recover from summer stress.

Questions to Ask Before You Secure a Commercial Snow Removal Contract

As a Property Manager, you have a big responsibility when it comes to selecting and contracting with a snow removal company for your commercial property.

How to Land a Better Value Commercial Landscaping Bid

If you’re in charge of commercial landscaping for a business, you’ve probably asked for a quote from a service provider once or twice in the course of your job. 

Ticks Got You Wishing Winter Was Here?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the rise in the tick population this year. There are a couple factors that have contributed to this upswing in the population. First, the recent mild winter’s void of snow and ice and prolonged deep freeze periods has extended the lifecycle of the ticks.

Commercial Landscape Service Tip: Preventing Mulch Fire

There are many reasons for applying a new base of mulch every year. It acts as a barrier helping control weeds, improves the soil’s ability to retain moisture by acting as an insulator and overall mulch aids in the health and vigor of your plant material. 

What to Consider When Evaluating Commercial Snow Removal Companies

While the rest of us are eating ice cream and cranking up the AC, snow contractors are focusing on a different kind of "cool": they're preparing for the upcoming snow season.

Are You Over-Mulching Your Trees?

Over the past couple of decades landscapers have started a trend of over mulching trees. Although a fresh layer of mulch may look nice sometimes, you could actually be over-mulching your trees causing stress and a decrease in vigor.

Preventing Siding Damage

The growing season is in full swing here in Ohio (finally) so that means that crews will be out and about mowing, pruning, and performing bed maintenance near your building. Nobody is perfect and people make mistakes. 

How To Control Surface Insect Damage

The two most common species of surface insects that can destroy your lawn are billbugs and chinch bugs. The damage occurs typically in the hot summer months when the turf is already stressed out, but can also occur in wet weather.

Practical Tips on Lawn Care (From a Landscaper and Pet Owner)

I have a puppy. Well, I have an 8-month-old, 65 pound yellow Labrador Retriever (her name is Abby). In fact, I’ve always had dogs. Man’s best friend indeed!

The Benefits of Pruning and Then Mulching

For some reason, it has become a standard landscape practice in the condominium market to have mulch installed prior to the Memorial Day holiday. The issue with this is, however, that the shrubs in the same planting beds do not need to be pruned until the following weeks.

Infographic: Curb Appeal for Commercial Properties

Your business's curb appeal sets the tone for visitors to your property. Unsightly grounds negatively impact your business. Clean-cut turf and bright, colorful flowers on the outside mirror what your company has to offer on the inside. 

The Best Time to Plant in Northeast Ohio

Over the years I have been asked on numerous occasions “When is the best time to plant?” But in order to answer this correctly, I must know if you are installing annuals, perennials, shrubs or trees. Everyone has heard from their grandparents that the rule of thumb for summer annuals is not to plant them before Mother’s Day. In my experience, I feel that even that is too early and advise installing summer annuals closer to Memorial Day to avoid the risk of frost. Anytime the ground is workable, meaning not frozen and the temperature is above freezing, you can install most perennials, shrubs and trees. Since summer planting is not the greatest idea, the question now becomes “spring or fall?”

The Complete Commercial Lawn Care Checklist for Spring

Your grounds in winter probably look nothing like your grounds in summer!

6 Reasons Your School Grounds May Be Unsafe

Schools are a haven for education. We trust that our children and the public will be safe on school grounds. But budgets are tight. Your in-house staff doesn't have time or knowledge of what to look for. There could be hidden dangers that only an experienced landscaper can uncover.

How Landscape Impacts Students: 5 Tips to Improve School Grounds

Those in charge of the grounds at educational institutions and schools should not underestimate the importance of school grounds in contributing to school pride, first impressions and a professional image. It matters little the state of your school buildings when your grounds are the first thing people see. 

How to Protect Plants at Risk for Winter Burn

Great plant, tree, and shrub maintenance doesn’t cease when the ground freezes. It’s a common misnomer that all plants, grasses, shrubs and trees hibernate throughout the winter. While most plants enter a state of dormancy in the cold winter months, some don’t. Because these plants aren’t completely dormant, they often struggle to survive

Is Outsourcing Your Grounds Maintenance Cheaper?

The grounds around your school are more than just turf to mow and beds to weed.

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a "Wish"

Do you make goals… or do you make wishes? 

If you do make goals, how do you measure your progress in attaining those goals?

Are you able to hold yourself accountable or are you good at justifying and coming up with reasons why the goals are not met? I'm guessing most people make more “wishes” than set good "SMART" goals.

There is acronym out there about goals – you may have heard it and currently use it.

Common Problems at Condo Properties (And How We Fix Them)

One of the hardest decisions a property manager and board can make is electing a landscape management and snow removal company. This is one of the largest line items on a property’s yearly budget and can help determine the value of each property in the association.

3 Benefits Of Outsourced Grounds Maintenance

Look out the window of your building and you probably see some kind of landscaping. It might be sloping green lawns, walkways bordered by shrubs, or small trees shedding their leaves.
Or you might see dollar signs…or hassles…or weeds among those shrubs.

Fall Leaves: Friend or Enemy to Turf and Gardens?

If you’re like most Ohioans, you’ve likely come to appreciate the beauty of fall’s abundant color but dread the thought of raking and removing all of those beautiful leaves once they’ve died and fallen. While you’ve probably been raking leaves for years, have you ever thought about why we do it, or how to best manage fall leaves?

Quick Tips for Fall and Spring Landscape Beautification

Summer is the season of the lush colorful blooms we all love, but the changing of the seasons doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing color and beauty in your landscapes.

Are 17-Year Cicadas a Threat to Ohio Landscapes?

Did you happen to hear a lot of noise this past May and June coming from the trees around your office building or home? That unique noise was the periodical, or 17-year, cicadas.I find it fascinating that periodical cicadas started as eggs back in 1999 and lived underground in the nymphal stage, feeding on sap from tree roots until recently emerging in 2016.

Why You Should Be Thinking About Grounds Maintenance Year-Round

Maintaining beautiful grounds year after year isn’t easy—it takes dedication, some experience, and a little forethought. To not only preserve but enhance the look and curb appeal of your property

Top 4 Reasons Outsourced Grounds Maintenance Will Save You Money

Outsourcing grounds maintenance will improve quality and save you money. If you are not currently outsourcing your grounds maintenance and snow removal, are you satisfied

5 Ways to Winterize your Commercial Property

“Winterize” is a term that is mostly likely spoken by those of us blessed to live north of the Sun Belt. You might view the tasks associated as a curse, but when you realize that getting ready for the winter is actually quite simple, you can attack it with relentless fervor!

What to Look for in a Lawn and Snow Contractor

Hiring good contractors is often an uphill battle for any Facility Manager. Knowing what to look for in advance when hiring lawn and snow contractors can save time and money.

Snow in August?

It's summertime. The grass is green, the flowers are in bloom, and people are eating lunch on the patio at your office. Soon the leaves will start changing color, the days will get shorter, and the nights get cooler. We all know what comes next - frost covered windshields, below freezing temps, snow and ice.

8 Reasons to Aerate & Overseed Your Lawn

Lawns in Northeast Ohio can suffer from the brutality of the area's sporadic weather. A dry and hot summer causes grass roots to become stressed from trying to maintain moisture and nutrients.

4 Ways to Control Grubs

A grub is the larval stage in the life cycle of various types of flying beetles. The three most common species of white grubs in North America are Japanese beetle grubs, June beetle grubs and European chafer beetle grubs. Grub worm damage is usually the worst in September and October when they migrate to the soil surface.

Using Rock Beds on Your Property

River rocks, as applied in landscaping projects, are stones that come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Their common trait is a softly rounded shape and smooth finish. Unlike rocks dug from the earth (which can be chunky and rough), river rocks have been worn down by water currents over time. This gives them a more pleasing appearance, almost as if they were shaped by hand.

Freshen Up Your Planting Beds with Mulch Cultivation

Looking for a way to freshen up your planting beds, but not spend as much money out of your budget as a full mulch application? Mulch cultivation might just be your solution. Cultivating the planting beds on your property not only improves the overall appearance, but also aids in the long-term health of the investment you made in your plant material. This is how:

Be Aware of the Viburnum Leaf Beetle

Early spring is the time to be aware of Viburnum Leaf Beetle and treat your plants to prevent them from breeding and damaging your shrubs. Viburnum leaf beetle attack Arrowwood and European cranberrybush which are Viburnums in the tri-lobe family.

The Best Mulch for Your Landscaping Needs

There are many reasons for applying a new base of mulch every spring. Mulch primarily aids in the overall health and vigor of the plant material by acting as an insulator (improving the soil's ability to retain moisture) and as a barrier, assisting in the control of weeds.

5 Tips for Commercial Property Curb Appeal

Do you manage a commercial property or properties? Have you noticed that the outside of your facilities are starting to look a little shoddy? One of the most important factors in evaluating a property’s value is curb appeal.

Bed Edging: The Right Way!

Proper edging around trees and flower beds keeps grass from penetrating a garden and gives properties a clean, beautiful look. Neatly-edged tree beds and garden beds cleanly separate mulch and grass, making sure that they both stay where they belong. The effect that bed edging has on the overall look of a landscape can be amazing!

What You Should Know About Annual Displays

Nothing makes a property more beautiful and fitting with the season quite like the installation of color annuals. An “annual” is a plant that completes its cycle of growing within a single season -- that is, it matures from a seed to a flower in a relatively short amount of time. Each season has its own specific annuals that are best suited to the temperature.

What To Know About Dormant Pruning

Dormant pruning relies on the same principles of maintenance pruning except that the plant is pruned while dormant to reduce stress to the plant. Dormant pruning is often more aggressive, with larger cuts being made to create more vigorous growth in the spring, which leads to a healthier shrub or tree.

Solve Your Canadian Geese Problems

Geese are the bane of many property owners across Ohio. They can destroy lawns, deface property with droppings, and are sometimes dangerous to motorists when they wander into roads. Here are a few facts about Canadian Geese that you might not have known:

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